Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three things Thursday

               Hey everyone. Well it;s Thursday  payday and lot's of errands to do today.

               I have to work till 11 pm tonight so i am going to be one tired women tonight. I am hoping today goes fast. Oh and it's the last day of February all ready.? Were did the time go.? It went by to quickly. But that's ok i am ready for spring. We did get a dust of snow last night and it is snowing a little bit now.

              Well, I am linking up with " Three things Thursday"
                                                     Three Things Thursday mini
Must have purse Items: 
      1.) Tylenol
         2.) Lip Balm

Quirks that make me me.: 
         1.) I eat with my left hand even though i am a right handed.
         2.) I can't sleep at night unless i have something on like a TV. I need something i don't like the quietness at night. Don't know why.
         3.) I like bright colors. Of course I have a Yellow car. lol.

Favorite Drinks: 
     1.) Pepsi- I have to have Pepsi in the house at all times. lol
       2.) A&W. The best root-beer out there.
       3.) Vernons Ginger- ale - The only Ginger-ale  that i like to drink.

   Hope you have a great day everyone. :)


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