Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Car fixed::Realty

           Well, I got my car fixed,new tires on spent about  and i am a happy girl now. So it's all good. So i am happy that the end of the week i hope will end well.

      I bought a Nintendo 3 DS today. I wanted one when they came out so i bought one with my hard earn tax money. lol. So we almost got a house with every game system.still need to get a few more.

     So Thursday is payday and i am hoping to get my other tax money check to me soon. Then i am off to hang out with one o my friends. I need a girl day.! It's been probably awhile since i have had one. Seems like he don't want me to have fun anymore. He isn't controlling or anything he just wants me to spend time with him and only him. But he needs to understand that i love him but i need a girl day out. so i finally get one on Thursday.So were gonna have some fun.

   I need to get my mom here 50th b-day present this week. mmmm what should I get her.? i have an idea. But i will have to browse around some first.

  So i saw this link-up on just breathe thought it looked like fun. So here is Reality Blog Award!

1.) If you could change one thing what would you change.?
         I would change the government on how they do there taxes. 
2.)If you could repeat an age what would it be.?
      Age 21 i would of tried more things in life.and do more fun things. 
3.)What is one thing that really scares you.?
        If something happens in the future to my boyfriend and i and we don't end up getting married. That would be my scary thing. 
4.)What is one dream you have not completed,and do you think that you could be able to complete it,?
       I want to go back to school and get my science forensic degree. no i don't think i would be able to complete because there is just to many things in life that needs done. 
5.)If you could be someone else for a day who would it be?
       Well I guess i would like to be Emily Deschmen  for a day.

Well i hope everyone has a great night.!      

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