Thursday, February 14, 2013

Three things Thursday

                    Hello everyone and happy Thursday. Oh and happy Valentine's Day! :) Hope everyone can spend the day with your sweetie.

                  So yesterday i had this craving or eggs, bacon,and fried potatoes. So that's what i had for lunch,and supper. lol I was sure satisfied after i ate that. Must of been a protein kick craving. Well it was good, Today i haven't had the craving for that.

                  I am hoping that when he get's home we are gonna have a little movie in at home, With are new TV  are surround sound is pretty awesome. :) we love it. Were suppose to anyway. So we will see how that goes.

                  Well, I am linking up with a new link up called three things Thursday. I kinda just saw this on another blog and thought it looked liked fun. So i am gonna go back to week 1 and get caught up with this link.It looks interesting to do. So here is Three Things Thursday.


Week One: 
  Favorite TV Shows : 
      2.Family Guy
      3.Switched at birth

Any Piercings: 
    1. Just 1 in both ears
      2. Used to have 2 wholes in both ears but top ones closed.
      3.was thinking about getting nosed pierced but i didn't want to after trying the magnetic nose rings. lol.

Places I want to visit: 
      1.Grand Canyon
      2.Washington D.C.
      3. Alaska

  Week two:

Favorite Foods: 
      3. Qausadieas

Any Tattoos: 
    No. but would like to get one some day.

Dream jobs:
     1.Scientist Forensic
       2. photographer

Week three:

Places I like to Shop:
      2. Biglots
      3. Target

Things i wished i did before my kids: 
    Do not have kids.

Dream Car:
    1. KIA Sportage
     2.Ford Mustang
     3.Chevy Comero

 Week four:

Pet's and names?Could be pets from the past.
    1.Cocoa- dog
      2.Fluffy -cat
      3. Precious- cat

Favorite colors:

Favorite zoo animals? 
     1. Kangaroos
       3. Flamingo's

Week Five: 

Favorite Places to eat out:
      1. Red lobster
        2. Applebee's
        3  Cheddar's

 Least favorite household chores: 
     1. Dishes
       2. Laundry

Favorite kids TV shows. 
    Well I don't have kids but we watch kid shows in this house. were a kid at heart still. :) lol
         1. Sponge bob
         2.Fairy God Parents
         3. Victorious

  and finally week six: 

    First three dates with Hubby:
  Well were not married yet but will be next year. So my first three dates with my boyfriend are:
      2.Golden Carol
      3 Went to Kingwood center.

Three things about hubby that i love:
    For me it's three things i love about my boyfriend.
     1.His love- he loves me for me and excepts who i am.
     2.His heart-he has such kind hart and i love it.
     3.The little tiny things he does everyday that makes me happy.

Three Romantic things that hubby has done:
      Three romantic things boyfriend has done:
    1.Proposed to me at applebee's  last December and brought me a ring.
    2.Bought me flowers and a new movie i wanted.
    3.Bought me a cake one time when i was craving something sweet.



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