Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday 9

       Hello everyone. Happy Saturday. Not sure what we are going to do today but i have the weekend off. So i guess i have to wait and see. lol

     So i know i haven't linked up with Saturday 9 for awhile so i am linking up today. This themes for this Saturday is: Endless Summer.


1) The best-selling Beach Boys album of all time is this two disc greatest hits compilation. Do you have favorite Beach Boys song?        No i like them them all. 

2) The original members of the group were the Wilson brothers, their cousin Mike and a friend from the neighborhood. Have you ever worked with a family member?      No not yet. 

3) Originally released in the mid-1970s, Endless Summer was one of the first fast-selling albums sold on TV. Have you ever picked up the phone and purchased anything directly from TV?     No not since back in 2010

4) The Beach Boys are very popular in Australia. Have you ever been Down Under?  Nope not yet but would love to go have to get my passport though. 

5) Actor John Stamos played bongos on the Beach Boys' hit, "Kokomo." In his younger days, Stamos was Blackie on the daytime drama, General Hospital. Have you ever followed a soap opera?  Yes  I used to watch All My Childern when it was on tv. 

6) Many Beach Boys songs revolve around the surf. How are you on a surf board?  Never surfed before. 

7) Would you prefer summer to be endless? Or do you enjoy the changing seasons?   I love summer so i wish it could be endless. 

8) Do your summer 2013 plans include a trip to a waterpark?  No i don't make plans we just do what we want to do. 
9) Describe your swimsuit.  Colorful like checkered print goes around the neck. then i have a pair of shorts that are black for the bottoms. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

5 Friday Question's

        Hello everyone and happy Friday! I am thankful that today is finally Friday. Not much going on today. Enjoying the day and just relaxing.

       Well I start working first shift this week. 8 to 4 So i am not used to getting off that early but i was ok. sleeping has to be going on the right track again. So that might take a while. Next week i am 8 to 4 with a little bit to 8 to 7 during the last two days off the week for paper work.

      Well it's Friday so I am linking up with " My Little Life" with 5 Friday Question's and this weeks questions are. :


1. What is one thing you have too many of in your house? mmm i think it would have to be paper plates. I have a lot of them. lol

2. Did anything go not quite as planned on your wedding day? No because i am not getting married yet.

3. What is your favorite summer smoothie recipe? I ususally just chop in strawberry's and some sugar and make a strawberry smoothie and maybe i might put in some rum.

4. What is the weather like where you are? It's sunny 94 degrees. Just got done raining and storming.

5. What is your favorite book to read to your kids? Well i don't have any kids yet.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me.....

   Hello everyone. Well I would of written a little sooner but i had a death in the family so i was taking a break from blogging. 

   Anyways, I am hoping everyone is having a great week so far. I am on call today so i am just waiting till i receive a phone call. My boyfriend is making breakfast or should i say breakfast/lunch. lol 

   So i am gonna link up with Monday quiz about me. And this weeks question's are. ::: 

Acting Balanced

1. July is National Ice Cream month - are you celebrating?  I can only eat certain kinds of ice cream but if it's dairy queen ice cream i will celebrate. I love ice cream just can't eat to much because of my allergy. 
2. What is your favorite rainy day activity?  Staying in and watching movies. 
3. What is the one book from High School that you remember reading most?  Why?  I remember reading Lord of the Flies because it was interesting to read. 
4. Have you ever visited Charleston, SC?   No just went threw SC. 
5.)What's for breakfast?  Hash browns, Eggs, and Bacon 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

5 Friday Question's ...............

              Hello everyone and happy TGIF. I am so glad that it's the weekend. It's gone by so fast that i some how forgot about a day this week. Not helping with working third i get my days mixed up any hows.

            So good news i start my job this week. I am so excited i can't wait. Back to normal hours. yea. lol. i am looking forward to that. hip hip hoary.

          Well, I am linking up with My little Life for Five Question Friday. So Here are this week's questions.

1. Would you rather pay for house cleaner or spa day?
I would pay for a day at the spa rather then housekeeping because i have to clean myself i have to have my things in a certain spot and if someone cleans my house then i won't know where things are and that will frustrate me. lol

2. Who plans what gifts you get for holidays, you or your spouse?
Well i am not married so i have to get the gifts when the time comes.

3. How many hours of sleep do you get? Do you need more?
Depends on the day and what i have been working.Sometimes i am up for 24 hours or more so sometimes it feels like i need more.

4. Do you like your hair long or short?
I like my hair short. It's so much easier to take care off. Sometimes i miss my long hair but having my short hair makes me look older.

5. When was the last time you were pulled over and what was it for?
It's been a long time ago. I was pulled over one time because my head lights weren't on but i didn't get a ticket or anything. just a warning. Haven't been pulled over since. i think it was back in 2006.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chat's on the farmhouse porch.....................................


                                  Chat's On The Farmhouse Porch......


Everyday Ruralty

   1.)   Bacon or sausage? If vegetarian, what do you have for breakfast?   definitely would choose bacon. 
    2.)  Do you take time to "smell the roses"?   Once in awhile i will take time and see how beautiful the earth is. 
  3.)    What's your favorite stone fruit? (Peaches,nectarines,plums, apricots, and cherries are i n the stone fruit family.)   I love plums and peaches. I love about any fruit though. 
   4.)  What is the thing people notice most about your personality? ( quiet- outgoing- polite-funny-etc.) People usually notice my smile first. 
   5.)    Is there a hobby that you have wanted to do, but haven't started yet?  Yes knitting. 


Friend Making Monday........

                       Now it's time for Friend Making Monday. Here are this week's question's.

1.  Are you a planner, or do you prefer to see where the moment takes you?   I like to be a planner. i like to know what i am doing instead of being all over the place, 

2.  How often do you blog?    I try to blog at least twice a week i used to blog every day but i have been so busy that i don't get much time to blog anymore. But i am going to work on blogging better. 

3.  Do you color your hair?   Yes i do. I am better as a blond. Then a brunette,  lol 

4. If you had to choose between running or riding a bike, which one would you choose?      I would choose riding a bike. I like riding a bike. It's fun. 

5.  Have you ever traveled outside of your home country?    Yes I have. 

6.  Do you like weddings?  Yes i do. 

7.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure on TV?   Supernatural,Pretty Little Liars

8.  Are you good at math?   Yes i am pretty good. 

9.  What is the last movie you watched?   The last movie I had watched was Safe Heaven. 

10.  Share five adjectives that your friends would use to describe you.   Shy,Friendly,young,nice 

Bonus:  Did you celebrate Independence Day?  If so, what did you do?  No I had to work but, i watched the fireworks on tv. 

Monday quiz about me......

         Hello everyone! :) Hope all is well. Well i had a good weekend this past weekend. Even tho i work Saturday but i was off on Sunday and i had a great day with my boyfriend. He took me to Magic mountain, David Buster's,and the Polaris mall.then we had pizza for dinner. It was a great date day/night. It was a long over due date night.

         Well, I am linking up with Monday quiz about me and here are the questions for this week.


1. What is your favorite summer activity?
            My favorite summer activity would have to be going putt putting and fishing. 

2. Do you have a honey-do list? or a to-do-list of your own?
             I have a to do list of my own. 

3. Would you go for a massage?  Facial?  Spa treatment?
              I would go for a message love them. 

4. What was the last song you danced to?
             Mmm I am not sure it's been awhile. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Post long over due:::: Going to the lake::: Going to the zoo for a date with my boyfriend. :)


      Happy July 4th Everyone. I am so thankful that there are troops and veterans that are fighting for are county or have fought for are country. thank you so much for the freedom that we have today. :)

              Hello everyone.! I know it seems like it was along time ago that i posted a blog. I am sorry i have been a pretty busy women lately. But i am hoping to catch up on my blogging now. So i am crossing my fingers.

              So i had a birthday last month and enjoyed every minute of it. I got to spend time with my family and friends. We had some fun karaoke.Stayed up late that night. Stayed the night at my grandma's. Then Sunday we headed up towards my parents for my party. we we had a good time. we went to the beach and it was fun. :) Here is a photo of from the Lake Eerie Lake.


     So thoes were the photos of the lake it was a beautiful day on June 23,2013. I still can't believe how time is flying by. before you know it its going to be August. 

     A few weeks ago Donald took me to the Cincinnati zoo we had a great time. It had been awhile since we were on a date so he took me to the zoo and it was a fun day. i liked the Cincinnati zoo but it is more expensive then the Columbus zoo. Here are some photos that i took from the zoo.


      So that has been my excitement for the past month. Nothing really new as of right now. Just going with the flow and hoping to start my new job next week. It looks like i may. So i am hoping i will be. So i hope everyone has a great 4th of July. 

                                               God Bless,