Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday quiz about me......

         Hello everyone! :) Hope all is well. Well i had a good weekend this past weekend. Even tho i work Saturday but i was off on Sunday and i had a great day with my boyfriend. He took me to Magic mountain, David Buster's,and the Polaris mall.then we had pizza for dinner. It was a great date day/night. It was a long over due date night.

         Well, I am linking up with Monday quiz about me and here are the questions for this week.


1. What is your favorite summer activity?
            My favorite summer activity would have to be going putt putting and fishing. 

2. Do you have a honey-do list? or a to-do-list of your own?
             I have a to do list of my own. 

3. Would you go for a massage?  Facial?  Spa treatment?
              I would go for a message love them. 

4. What was the last song you danced to?
             Mmm I am not sure it's been awhile. 

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