Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chat's on the farm.

             Chat's on the farm house porch.....
                                      Everyday Ruralty
1.)When it's time to cut the grass (mow the lawn), who does it.? 
      Not us. are landlord does it.
2.)If someone gave you $500 dollars and you could not spend it on yourself, who would you spend it on?
     I would spend it on my family for Christmas and birthdays. 
3.) Have you ever taken a blogging break or considered one?
          Yep I took a week off. 
4.)Are you bothered by spring allergies or hay fever? If not spring, any other time of the year?
          Yes i hate it sometimes. 
5.)What's new with you?
          Well, we have an appointment tomorrow at 6:15p to see what we won at the bridal show at best western  We might of won a honeymoon so we get more information tomorrow night at the best western inn.

Friend Making Monday


             Now it's time for Friend Making Monday! Enjoy.

                               The abc's  of me

A) I would love to go to Alaska one of these days. 
B.)My boyfriend's name is Ben.
C.)I love coffee I drink at night when i work late. 
D.)I used to have a dog named cocoa.
E.)I just realized i haven't eaten anything yet today.
F.)I love to have Fun on my days off from work. 
G.)I don't chew Gum. 
H.)I am Happy when i can spend time with my family and friends. 
I.) I can only eat certain kinds of Ice cream. 
J.) I don't like the movie Jaw's.
K.) I want to learn how to knit.  
L.) I love to cook.
M.) I have lot's of nice memories. 
N.)I love to buy new clothes when i can. 
O.) I am pretty organized now. 
P.)Purple is one of my favorite colors. 
Q.) I am a quite person. 
R.) My kitchen is basically all Red. 
S.) My name is Stacey. 
T.) I love to travel
U.) Sometime's i don't understand people.
V.) I love watching the show The Voice. 
W.) I love to watch supernatural. 
X.) I had several X-rays.
Y.) People think I am younger then what i look like. 
Z.)I may be going to the zoo with a friend sometime in the next couple of weeks. ! 

Monday quiz about me

        Hey everyone.! Well i took a little break from blogging. Just didn't have much to write about but still don't but i will link up with a few link ups.

       First i missed yesterday's link up for Monday quiz about me so I am a day late but that's ok. So here is this week Monday quiz about me.

                               Acting Balanced4/30/2013

1. Do spelling and grammar mistakes annoy you?
          Na they don't annoy me. I do it myself at times. Nobody's perfect. 
2. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
          Wow there is a lot to choose from. I wouldn't know what to choose. 
3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
            I wanted to be a Nurse. 
4. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?
             Don't grow up to fast. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chat's on the farm house porch 4-23-13


             Chat's On The Farm House Porch: 4-23-13

                                                      Everyday Ruralty

1.) Do you prefer to drive or be driven?
        I prefer to be driven.I like to be able to look at the scenery on a nice drive.
2.)What's your favorite kind of jam, jelly, or preserve? 
        My favorite jam is strawberry and grape. Those are the best. 
3.) Do you have any special plans for this spring or summer?
      Yes we do. We are going to a graduation party for my nephew in may, hoping to go to cedar point,and one of are friends are getting married in July and getting some more wedding plans done. 
 4.) Lots of folks are becoming aware of issues with food. There are many articles, books, and movies on topics like allergies, GMO, pesticide use, bad or no labeling, over processed foods, foods from other countries that may not have high standards, and many more topics. What concerns you the most? If nothing concerns you, have a cookie and skip to the next question.
       I am concerned about food because we eat to survive and why do people have to mess with food.? It should be good for us not bad. 
5.) Do you use nail polish often? Finger nails, piggies, or both?
       I only do nail polish. But they have  this new sticker on polish for your nails now so i use that too. And only paint my nails. 


Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me.

        Hello everyone.! Hope everyone is doing well. Well i got off at one today and went into Mount Vernon to look at a few places. We did put in a application to a townhouse.Won't be able to move till June 1st if we get the place. Witch I hope we do.Are lease is up at the end of June so it will be all good at the end.  It's really nice 2 bedrooms upstairs.1.5 bathrooms, a patio, big living room,nice kitchen, laundry and dryer, dishwasher. a lot more space then what we have here now. So i am hoping for a call here soon to say that we have the place so i am hoping.! :)

      Well, i was happy I actually got to come home change my clothes and actually were regular clothes today. I haven't worn regular clothes for awhile been wearing scrubs. It was nice to wear something either then my scrubs today and knowing that I finally have a day off tomorrow. Yippies I was looking forward to this day since last Thursday. :)

    So i was shopping for a client the other day in Mount Vernon well i would say a nice cute guy came up to me and gave me his phone number and wanted to go out on the date with me. I've seen him before in town here and Ben knows him too they went to school together. I was totally shocked that he did that.But i told him thank you and all but i am getting married next year in July. And I am really happy with the person I am with. So he was like ok and said if you change your mine call me. So after i get done with work I came home and told Ben about it and he was like what.? Well i guess that I still got it. lol. But yea that was my day.

  Well It's Monday so i am linking up with Monday Quiz about me: 4-22-13
                                Acting Balanced

  1.) Who do you like to quote.?
        The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller 

2.) Have you ever made something that you wore out in public.? 
         Yes,! Back in high school my friends and i made friendship bracelets with yarn and we wore them and everyone else wanted one so we ended up making some for everyone that wanted some. 
3.) When was the last time you used a telephone.? (not a cell phone.)? 
       Oh boy i can't remember when that was. we only have are cell phones. I guess the last time that i used a regular telephone would of been in 2011 when i worked at my second job at Kingston when someone was calling me at work. 
4.) What was your first recording you bought with your own money.? 
       The first recording that i bought I don't remember it was so long ago. 


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Stealing


                                                       Sunday Stealing! 

             *The Unlucky 13 meme:

 1. On average, how long does it take you to get ready for work/school/a day or night out?
         Not long.At least 10 minutes at the most, 
2. If you could ask your favorite author one question about the book(s) they wrote, what would it be?
         Why do you always kill people in the end of your book.? 
3. What do you think is the hardest thing about growing up?
         Having to have more responsibilities. 
4. Who would you rather switch places with for a day: your favorite celebrity, or your favorite fictional character?
         i would choose my favorite celebrity. 
5. Who would you rather have point out a flaw that you weren't aware you had: a close personal friend, or a total stranger?
        I would want my friend to do it then a total stranger.
 6. Do you get jealous easily? If so, what sorts of qualities or characteristics in other people are you most likely to be jealous of?
         It depends on the situation. But yes i do.If my boyfriend talks to one of his ex girlfriends then i am extremely jealous.Then i get onto his but and i tell his ex girlfriend to leave him alone. 
7. Which version of yourself would you rather have a conversation with: the one from ten years ago, or the one you turn into ten years from now?
       The one that i turn into years from now.
8. Were you ever bullied in any way as a child? If so, how has it shaped you today?
        Yes i have. People are mean when they are popular. they will say mean things to you and hurt your feelings. It has helped me to love me for me and who i am. I am not ashamed of myself for the way i look. I've had good people in my life to show me that. 
9. What is one fear you would like to overcome in your lifetime?
       My overcome of heights.
10. What is one food you haven't tried yet that you would like to?
     I would like to try Asian food sometime. It's the only food that i haven't tried yet.
11. Is it easier to forgive someone for the wrong they've done you or to seek forgiveness from someone that you've wronged in any way?
        It depends on what it is...Sometimes it is easier to ask for forgiving then to forgive someone. 
 12. Let’s go random: What did you do for New Year’s Eve for the turn of the millennium?
        Well We just sat at home and watched the ball dropped and had a strawberry daqurie and kissed at midnight. 
13. What else around here have you noticed? 
        Well around here would be in my home i see a pile of dishes in the sink that i should be doing and stop being a lazy house cleaner. lol. 

Sunday Social

    Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing good. Last night i got home about 11:45 pm from work and we didn't end up going to be till about 1:30 am.! And i had to get up today at 7 am to get ready for work.I am one tired little lady today. I am looking forward to Tuesday so I can catch up on my sleep. lol.

  Well I finally got both of my dresses paid off and in my closet at home. I am so thankful that it is finally home and now i can buy and worry about other things now.So i am happy with that. We are now working on the venue.We are going to look at 4 of them this week. So i am looking forward to it. So who know's we might finally have a say on what venue we want to use this coming week. We already have a dj so that is taking care off. So it's all coming along smoothly. Someday I wish it was already here and over with. Then I think ok I am glad to get the small details right. So I guess some days it's overwhelming. But it will be worth it in the end. :)

 So I am Going to link up with Ashley Lately with Sunday Social.....  4/21/2013
                               Sunday Social

1.) What is your shopping weakness.?
           My shopping weakness is purses,and cute sundress. 
2.)What is your food weakness.?
          My food weakness would have to be chocolate,and pizza. 
3.) What is your go to movie to watch when nothing is on.?
          It would have to be Twilight Sega series. 
4.) What is your go to breakfast food.?
         Well Sometimes nothing but sometimes it's a bagel with peanut butter. Yum. 
5.)Do you drink coffee?If so how do you take it.?
          Yep,I like my French Vanilla Capachenio. It is really good. Yum.!But when i drink my reg coffee i have my half and half with 3 sugars. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Follow Friday

           Hey everyone. Hope you all are having a great day. ! :)  Well i am pretty tuckered out but i am still on the go. Especially tomorrow is going to be a really busy day for me. I work 8am to 1pm then i gotta head up to Mansfield to pay off my dresses and they are wanting me to try it on again.  So that will take a bit. Then i gotta be back in town by 4:30pm and work till 9:30pm. So my break is going to be busy but it will be wroth it. last payment.! :)

          I finally get a decent week of work this week. Ya. I work this weekend, get off at 1pm on Monday got a few errands and places to go Monday, Tuesday i am off might hang out with my friend Heather and her husband not sure yet, Wednesday i work from 8am-9pm, Thursday 8a-1p, and Friday 8am-9pm.So not to shabby this week. I am pretty happy with it. Can't complain on this one. :)

       Well i am linking up with Follow Friday Four.  So here are the Four Follow Fill ins. four this Friday.

1.) I hate when my alarm clock goes off at 7:30am and i know that I have to get up to get ready for work. 
2.) I used to love playing Bingo as a kid.
3.)Common sense says don't eat that it has to many calories but i tend to eat it anyway because it tastes so good. 
4.) Once I was surprised to find myself that if i slept alot i tend to be more tired then when i sleep less.? 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Okay Thursday............. :)


                             Its Ok Thursdays

                                        It's Okay......... 

- To want a day off from work 
-To be looking at other apartments and seeing what i want if i do decide to move out here. since my lease is almost up already. 
- To be looking at wedding decorations. 
-To be happy that I have been at my new job for 5 months now. ya. 
-To be happy that it is payday today. 
-To can't  wait for another date night. 
- To be thankful that i have one last payment on my dress. ya it get's paid off tomorrow. 
- To be interested in renting a townhouse in Mount Vernon for cheaper rent then what i am paying now for a 2 bedroom apartment. 
-To can't wait till garage sales start a coming. 
-To want to hang out with my girls on a day off. 
-To be exciting about going to Cedar Point !!!! :) 
-To just be able to get out of bed and be alive on this gorgeous day. Suppose to hit up to 81 degrees today. Ya. 

               -What are you ok about today. :) 

Finish the sentence link up

         Happy Thursday everyone. I hope everyone has a great day!. :) I am on break right now and enjoying the relaxing till i go back in. I have to stop by the office and pick up my new schedule and paycheck today.  I am hoping for a day off next week. I guess i have to wait and see. Monday i have an eye doctor appointment and i am hoping my scheduler got my message that i have one and can only work till 1pm. So i guess i will find out today.

        So i am in the mood to get a second part time job for this wedding. So i am going to apply to the hospital,and hotels for housekeeper and at the stores to be a cashier. Who knows what might happen. I am just in the mood for another job right now but we will see how it turns up in the end.

       Well, I am linking up with Holly over at were we can live like jack and sally today for Thursday Linkup finish the sentence............

1. I laughed so hard I cried when... When my boyfriend makes the giddy giddy giddy from family guy. 
2. My high school...    Was a square it was small.
3. It really pisses me off...    When people talk about me behind my back and i find out from someone later what they say. 
4. In ten years...     I'll be still working. 
5. If I could erase one thing...   It would be loosing a good friend and we would still be best friends today. 
6. In 1999...   I was in middle school and a 14 year old. 8th grade going into high school.
7. Honestly...    I am afraid of clowns.
8. To me, Sushi...    is gross. 
9. Someone really needs to invent... If i had an answer to this  I wouldn't be here sitting and typing this I would be out hanging with my friends and having a great life. 
10. The first time I drank alcohol...  I was 24. I never didn't think i would like it but i don't like beer i do like the fruity drinks though. i was a good kid back then. lol .
11. The one question I would ask God is..   Why do people do harmful things like killing innocent people? 
12. Lindsay Lohan...   Is a failure to hollywood. the end. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Question's


        Hello everyone. Here are a few random question's that i found over at Were we can live like Jake and Sally. So here are the questions.

                                     Random Questions

  How do I stay organized?
            - I keep my things always in the same place. If i take something out it always goes back in. I keep my important papers in a folder from new date to old date, my movies and books are in a shelve from alphabetical order same with my video games for the wii system. I am not quite done with organizing my place but it will be by the end of the year. I am trying to make it look neater and not have to much clutter around the house. 

Whatever happened to the bride from THAT wedding?
          - Umm i don't know. I hope happily ever after. 
When can we meet?
         - Whenever i have the time to do something. lol and were it is. 
Any updates on Olive's eyes?
         - Not sure but i hope she is ok. 
If I could have plastic surgery, what would I fix?
         - I would want to have my double chin lift and see if they could do with it. to get rid of it. 
If I was on Death Row, what would be my last meal?
        - I would want a medium rare steak with shrimp with a backed potatoe. With salad and a nice strawberry shortcake. And praying that i am only the one going up to heaven that day because i may let out a few stinks going up. 
List some favorites:
         -Movie> Never been Kiss
         -Song> A Thousands Years-Christina Perry 
         -Band>The band Perry,Train,Maroon 5
         -Holiday>Christmas and 4th of July. 
         -Shoes>Anything comfortable and not to expensive.
Does your family read your blog?
          -Yes i have a few that read my blog. 
Am I freaked out that I signed up for two more half marathons?
         -Nope because i haven't signed up for any. 
Tell me a secret... You know you wanna
         -I can't have dairy products unless i take a pill that helps me not get sick. Which i don't eat it all the time but i do like it once in awhile so i keep my pills with me at all times. 
If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
         -I would love to have a have a pet monkey if i could. There so cute. lol. 
How do you and handle money?
        - I handle money pretty well . I have been saving and putting money back here and there for the wedding. Now that rent is coming due in may i have to save that up to.But i am thankful that i have a job were i get paid every week and I am thankful that i can pay my bills and save money when i can. :) 

    Well That's the random Question's for today. :) 

He said/she said :)

                                           He Said/ She Said


He Said: 

1. What was your first car?  A 2001 grand Pontiac
2. Who was your favorite childhood teacher?  His track couch. 
3. Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities?  Track.
4. What was your favorite birthday party?    I guess my 10th birthday when we first got the n.e.s. game system. 
5. Who was your teen celebrity crush?    Britney Spears
6. What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?   The Simpsons
7. What would your dream profession be? Or, are you already working the best job ever?     My dream job would be to be a photographer
8. Favorite band/song, movie, and book from the past couple of years.?  Kiss, Gone in 60 seconds. i don't read. 
9. Do you have a favorite routine? Something you just do each and every day for yourself and enjoy?   Sit back and relax and watch some tv or play video games. 
10. What would you tell your 15-year-old self today?     Try harder and be who you are. 

She said: 

 1. What was your first car?     Chevy Aveo LS 
2. Who was your favorite childhood teacher?      Mrs. Miller when i was sick she would come over to bring my homework over after she was done with school. I remember her  coming over to check on me at my grandparents.
3. Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities?   Northwestern: Basketball/ Hillsdale: Drama club,Newspaper, Choir, and band. 
4. What was your favorite birthday party?    When I had a party when i was little and i had a bunch of my friends come over it was fun. 
5. Who was your teen celebrity crush?           Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
6. What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?           R movies until i was old enough. 
7. What would your dream profession be? Or, are you already working the best job ever?       My dream proffession would be a scientist forensic and photographer
8. Favorite band/song, movie, and book from the past couple of years?  A walk to remember and never been kissed my top favorite movies. 
9. Do you have a favorite routine? Something you just do each and every day for yourself and enjoy?   No not really. I am on the go alot but i do try to relax some tho in my favorite chair. 
10. What would you tell your 15-year-old self today?           Life is hard.Follow your dream and don't be afraid to speak your mind to people. Don't be shy get out and go for what you want in life. 

    Have a great night everyone.! :) 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chat's on the farm :)


              Hello everyone. I am hoping your day went well for you. mine was a busy day. Which i am glad it is all over. Another day and another dollar as the saying goes.

             Well I am linking up with Chat's on the Front Porch. 4-16-13
                                               Everyday Ruralty

1.) From Suzanne at p.s. Annie!: Are you part of the back to nature/ecological group or are you more of the mindset of "I'll do what I want and everything will work out in the end"?
      I can be a little both at times. But mostly it's "I'll do what I want and everything will work out in the end. 
2.)From Stacey at Happy Bride to be: What's a favorite dinner dish to make?
      My favorite dinner dish would have to be my country fried steak,potatoes,and sausage that i make. It's really good.:) Also my cheeseburger bacon meatloaf
3.) From Melanie at Melanie at A Year of Jubilee Reviews: What animals have you seen give live birth?
       I have seen cat's,cow's,dog's give live birth. 
4.) From Anne at Homeschool on the Croft: If you had the opportunity to teach something, what would you teach?
       Well I did use to teach actually. In school I went to a early childhood education and we had preschool. We had to teach are preschool kids and it was really fun and rewarding at the same time. I would love to do teach preschool again.! :)
5.) From Madonna at Butterfly Acres: What did you love most about school?
        I loved being in choir and band when i was in school and seeing my friends everyday was great too. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Friend Making Monday :)


    Friend Making Monday 4-15-2013 over at www.alltheway.coms.


                                               Twenty Questions

1. Share something that you enjoy doing when you’re alone.? 
         I enjoy reading when I am alone. :) 
2. What do you plan to eat next?
         I plan to eat some Fish for lunch tomorrow. I don't eat any breakfast so i work till one then i eat when i get home. 
3. When did you first travel on a plane?  Where did you go?
        My first time on a plane was when i was really little i think i was 3 years old. I don't remember were we went to. 
4. Do you currently have a crush on someone?  If so, share a few of the reasons why.
         Well yes my boyfriend
5. List one thing that disgusts you that probably wouldn't bother someone else.
          Water Fountains. I have this thing about it. it is just gross.!  
 6.If you could buy a new car tomorrow (and money was no object) what would you buy?
         Oh boy what a hard question. Well one thing it would have to be four wheel drive/ all wheel drive. I do like the KIA Sportage. 
7. Who was the first person who broke your heart?
           Really? A guy that was a good friend but he didn't feel the same way.Of course it was High school  But when i dated a guy named John Feelings with that changed when i was dating someone else but he never said anything it did break my heart that i knew he liked me but he didn't want to jeperdize are friendship But of course when i started dating things changed.But life went on. 
8. If you could spend the night with a celebrity tonight, who would it be?
        oh man that's a hard decision. I guess i would choose Josh Duhamel.
                        Josh Duhamel
9Are you a morning person or a night person?
           I am a morning person.
10. What’s your favorite board game?
          My favorite board game would have to be Sorry. 
                                     File:Sorry diamond edit.jpg
11. Can you play an instrument? If so, what do you play? 
      Yep i can play the piano,and the clarinet. 
12. What is the last thing you ate?
       Country Fried Steak,eggs,and sausage.
13. Do you wear a watch?
        Sometimes. Depends on my mood. lol. 
14. Do you go to church?
       Yes i go every other Sunday. I work every other weekend so that's why i go every other Sunday. 
15. Do you ever wish on stars?
        I used to when i was little. 
16.  Have you ever been on a motorcycle?
        Yes a bunch of times. My ex Jarred had a motorcycle and we rode all the time. Now i don't go on one. 
17. What is the last thing you purchased?
         Cherry Coke.
18. How big is your bed? 
         A Queen
19. What size shoe do you wear?
         Size 7.5. 
20. What are you looking forward to most in the coming week?
         Having a day off with my boyfriend.