Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Okay Thursday............. :)


                             Its Ok Thursdays

                                        It's Okay......... 

- To want a day off from work 
-To be looking at other apartments and seeing what i want if i do decide to move out here. since my lease is almost up already. 
- To be looking at wedding decorations. 
-To be happy that I have been at my new job for 5 months now. ya. 
-To be happy that it is payday today. 
-To can't  wait for another date night. 
- To be thankful that i have one last payment on my dress. ya it get's paid off tomorrow. 
- To be interested in renting a townhouse in Mount Vernon for cheaper rent then what i am paying now for a 2 bedroom apartment. 
-To can't wait till garage sales start a coming. 
-To want to hang out with my girls on a day off. 
-To be exciting about going to Cedar Point !!!! :) 
-To just be able to get out of bed and be alive on this gorgeous day. Suppose to hit up to 81 degrees today. Ya. 

               -What are you ok about today. :) 

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