Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Social

    Hello everyone. Happy Sunday. I am looking forward to next weekend. It's my weekend off. yippies!
I am working 44 hours this week. Don' have a day off but it will be a nice paycheck. :) I do get off at 1 pm on a few days but either then that i work 8 am- 9 pm threw out the week.

    So I am looking forward to Tuesday night with my friend Heather and her husband.It will finally have are anniversary dinner/date too. I am looking forward to it. going to be a good time. Heather is one of my bridesmaids in my wedding and haven't met Ben yet. So it will be good to get together and a great date night! :)

   Well i am gonna link up with Sunday Social. So here are this weeks Sunday Social questions.:
                        4/7/2013           Sunday Social

1.)  What is your favorite outfit pin.?
       Well i am not into fashion that much  but i do like sundresses so here is a pin i found that i liked. 
2.) What is your favorite food pin.?
           My favorite food pin would is Pasta Salad  it's one of my favorite foods. 
                                       Pasta Salad
3.) What is your favorite wedding pin.?
       I am actually love the wedding pins since i am getting married myself it helps me give ideas but here is my favorite wedding pin.:
                Red & Black Wedding Board
4.) What is your favorite DIY/craft pin.:
       My favorite DIY/craft pin is: these homemade wedding cards. 
                                                     homemade wedding cards
5.) What is your favorite quote/verse/lyric pin?
        My favorite quote/verse/lyric is: 

I wore a dress you wore a dark grey t-shirt. You told me I was pretty when I looked like a was a fairy tale :)

6.) Share one more random pin you love. 

     Channing Tatum Crowned People's Sexiest Man Alive AND GQ's Movie Star Of The Year!

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