Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me.

        Hello everyone.! Hope everyone is doing well. Well i got off at one today and went into Mount Vernon to look at a few places. We did put in a application to a townhouse.Won't be able to move till June 1st if we get the place. Witch I hope we do.Are lease is up at the end of June so it will be all good at the end.  It's really nice 2 bedrooms upstairs.1.5 bathrooms, a patio, big living room,nice kitchen, laundry and dryer, dishwasher. a lot more space then what we have here now. So i am hoping for a call here soon to say that we have the place so i am hoping.! :)

      Well, i was happy I actually got to come home change my clothes and actually were regular clothes today. I haven't worn regular clothes for awhile been wearing scrubs. It was nice to wear something either then my scrubs today and knowing that I finally have a day off tomorrow. Yippies I was looking forward to this day since last Thursday. :)

    So i was shopping for a client the other day in Mount Vernon well i would say a nice cute guy came up to me and gave me his phone number and wanted to go out on the date with me. I've seen him before in town here and Ben knows him too they went to school together. I was totally shocked that he did that.But i told him thank you and all but i am getting married next year in July. And I am really happy with the person I am with. So he was like ok and said if you change your mine call me. So after i get done with work I came home and told Ben about it and he was like what.? Well i guess that I still got it. lol. But yea that was my day.

  Well It's Monday so i am linking up with Monday Quiz about me: 4-22-13
                                Acting Balanced

  1.) Who do you like to quote.?
        The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller 

2.) Have you ever made something that you wore out in public.? 
         Yes,! Back in high school my friends and i made friendship bracelets with yarn and we wore them and everyone else wanted one so we ended up making some for everyone that wanted some. 
3.) When was the last time you used a telephone.? (not a cell phone.)? 
       Oh boy i can't remember when that was. we only have are cell phones. I guess the last time that i used a regular telephone would of been in 2011 when i worked at my second job at Kingston when someone was calling me at work. 
4.) What was your first recording you bought with your own money.? 
       The first recording that i bought I don't remember it was so long ago. 


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