Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Question's


        Hello everyone. Here are a few random question's that i found over at Were we can live like Jake and Sally. So here are the questions.

                                     Random Questions

  How do I stay organized?
            - I keep my things always in the same place. If i take something out it always goes back in. I keep my important papers in a folder from new date to old date, my movies and books are in a shelve from alphabetical order same with my video games for the wii system. I am not quite done with organizing my place but it will be by the end of the year. I am trying to make it look neater and not have to much clutter around the house. 

Whatever happened to the bride from THAT wedding?
          - Umm i don't know. I hope happily ever after. 
When can we meet?
         - Whenever i have the time to do something. lol and were it is. 
Any updates on Olive's eyes?
         - Not sure but i hope she is ok. 
If I could have plastic surgery, what would I fix?
         - I would want to have my double chin lift and see if they could do with it. to get rid of it. 
If I was on Death Row, what would be my last meal?
        - I would want a medium rare steak with shrimp with a backed potatoe. With salad and a nice strawberry shortcake. And praying that i am only the one going up to heaven that day because i may let out a few stinks going up. 
List some favorites:
         -Movie> Never been Kiss
         -Song> A Thousands Years-Christina Perry 
         -Band>The band Perry,Train,Maroon 5
         -Holiday>Christmas and 4th of July. 
         -Shoes>Anything comfortable and not to expensive.
Does your family read your blog?
          -Yes i have a few that read my blog. 
Am I freaked out that I signed up for two more half marathons?
         -Nope because i haven't signed up for any. 
Tell me a secret... You know you wanna
         -I can't have dairy products unless i take a pill that helps me not get sick. Which i don't eat it all the time but i do like it once in awhile so i keep my pills with me at all times. 
If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
         -I would love to have a have a pet monkey if i could. There so cute. lol. 
How do you and handle money?
        - I handle money pretty well . I have been saving and putting money back here and there for the wedding. Now that rent is coming due in may i have to save that up to.But i am thankful that i have a job were i get paid every week and I am thankful that i can pay my bills and save money when i can. :) 

    Well That's the random Question's for today. :) 

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