Tuesday, April 2, 2013

chats on the farmhouse. :)

    Hello Everyone. Hope All Is Well. Well It's Going Pretty Well Here. I Hope Everyone Had A Nice Easter. We Did Busy But It Went Well. I Am Glad The Rest Of The Family On His Side Finally All Knows About The Wedding. :)

   Sometimes I Wounder Is It Ever Going Yo Get Here.? But It Is April Already And I Am Checking Off Items On My Wedding List. I Know It's Not Till Next Year But It's Going Pretty Well So Far.One Item At A Time.

   So I Am Linking Up With It's Chattin Time On The Front Porch.


   1.) What Did You Do For Easter.?
                 I Went With His Family To Church Aunts,And Uncles House For Dinner And Egg Hunt On, Went To His Brothers House For Dinner On Sunday.Just Had A Great Day With Future Family. 

   2.) How Bad Were You With Candy Or Treats.? ( On A Scale From1-10 As 1 Being Good And 10 As Being Surgered Up.)
                  I Am Saying Probably A 3. I Didn't eat That Much Candy. I Mostly Ate The Food Thsy They Had For Supper. It Was Good. :)

    3.)What's One Of The First Things That You'd Like To Do That You Have Consistent Spring Weather.?
                 I Would Like To Clean Out My Car On The Inside And Out. Give Her A Wax.
     4.) How Are You At Gift Buying.?
                 I Think I Am Pretty Good. I Try To Buy Some Good Gifts For Everyone. 
     5.) Do You Have Projects For This Month Of April.?
                 Yes To Book A Place For The Wedding Reception.And Paying Off My Dress. 

    Well I Hope Everyone Had A Great Night.    :)


  1. i love a clean car. our weather lately is not good for that.

    have a great week. take care.
    nice meeting you.
    Beth ( :

    1. thanks for stopping by.
      this weekend it's suppose to be up in the upper 60's so i am planning to get it done this weekend.! :) So glad that Spring is in the air.
      it was nice meeting you too. have a great day. :)

  2. Sometimes when I loan my suburban to my daughter-in-law it comes back spic and span, I like that.

    1. Hello thanks for stopping by.
      Well that's good that your daughter-in-law takes care of your car. :) It has been cold here in ohio and this weekend it is getting done for sure since it is in the upper 60's ya.
      I hope you have a great day! :)

  3. I'm glad you had a good Easter with his family. I hope you find a place and get the dress paid off. Those will be things you can cross off your list. Have a great week!