Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chat's on the farm.

             Chat's on the farm house porch.....
                                      Everyday Ruralty
1.)When it's time to cut the grass (mow the lawn), who does it.? 
      Not us. are landlord does it.
2.)If someone gave you $500 dollars and you could not spend it on yourself, who would you spend it on?
     I would spend it on my family for Christmas and birthdays. 
3.) Have you ever taken a blogging break or considered one?
          Yep I took a week off. 
4.)Are you bothered by spring allergies or hay fever? If not spring, any other time of the year?
          Yes i hate it sometimes. 
5.)What's new with you?
          Well, we have an appointment tomorrow at 6:15p to see what we won at the bridal show at best western  We might of won a honeymoon so we get more information tomorrow night at the best western inn.


  1. I soooo hope you win a HONEY MOOOON :O) Have a blessed week :O)

  2. Good idea birthdays and Christmas, my choices of gifts are usually more than what is in my purse.
    fingers crossed for your prize.

  3. I hope you'll post and let us know what you won. Have a good week!