Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's okay Thursday:: Date night:: Dresses:: :)

         Hey everyone! :) Well date night went well The Other night. It was good.My friend Heather and her husband Brain liked Ben and that was great. I am glad that they do. They were also looking for a new hang out couple so we are probably going to be hanging out with them more often. Which is fine with us. Ok now 2 more girls need to meet him then it's all good.

        So we didn't see the Identity Theft but instead we saw Hansel and Gretel which hunters it was so good. looking forward to it to coming out on dvd. Saw it had the dollar the dollar theater that we have. it was worth a $1.00.

    So my last bridesmaid got here dress today.So all my bridesmaids got there dresses. So i am so happy with that. So that is one thing of my check list. Yippies.! So I decided to get another dress for the reception. Well it looks like the girls but it is white of course. Here is the dress that i will be wearing at the reception.
    This is what the girls dresses look like. There the red ones. really pretty. 


       So another item checked off my list.I am glad that they all got there dresses.  :)

   Well I haven't linked up with It's Ok Thursday for awhile. So here is it's okay Thursday link-up with Brunch with Amber.

                                                Its Ok Thursdays
       It's Okay too..............

 - To be angry when your paycheck and your schedule wouldn't be ready by tomorrow afternoon when you used to get them on Thursdays. :( 

- To have a new hang out date night friends. :) 

-To be happy that i have one more payment on my wedding dress. Yippies.!

-To work and clean and get it all done in the same day. 

-To go see a $1.00 movie at the dollar theater and it was really good. 

-To be tired after a long hard days work. 

-To babysit two kids tonight that were wound up and didn't want to listen. lol a typical 2 and 3 year old do. lol

-To have something different to eat each time i go to Taco Bell. 

- To want to make a peanut butter pie tomorrow when i am home on break. 

-To wish for a great day tomorrow.

-To want to go to bed but, not quite tired yet.

-To want to write more but it is getting late. 

    So what are you ok with today.? 

   I hope everyone has a great evening. :) Night 

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  1. My company did the same thing too! For years we had gotten paid on Thursday (which was great because it was really deposited in your checking account at midnight Wednesday). Starting January they moved our direct deposits to Friday. I know it's only one day but it really does make a difference!