Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friend Making Monday


             Now it's time for Friend Making Monday! Enjoy.

                               The abc's  of me

A) I would love to go to Alaska one of these days. 
B.)My boyfriend's name is Ben.
C.)I love coffee I drink at night when i work late. 
D.)I used to have a dog named cocoa.
E.)I just realized i haven't eaten anything yet today.
F.)I love to have Fun on my days off from work. 
G.)I don't chew Gum. 
H.)I am Happy when i can spend time with my family and friends. 
I.) I can only eat certain kinds of Ice cream. 
J.) I don't like the movie Jaw's.
K.) I want to learn how to knit.  
L.) I love to cook.
M.) I have lot's of nice memories. 
N.)I love to buy new clothes when i can. 
O.) I am pretty organized now. 
P.)Purple is one of my favorite colors. 
Q.) I am a quite person. 
R.) My kitchen is basically all Red. 
S.) My name is Stacey. 
T.) I love to travel
U.) Sometime's i don't understand people.
V.) I love watching the show The Voice. 
W.) I love to watch supernatural. 
X.) I had several X-rays.
Y.) People think I am younger then what i look like. 
Z.)I may be going to the zoo with a friend sometime in the next couple of weeks. ! 

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