Sunday, April 14, 2013

This or that?

     Hey everyone. Well My Saturday didn't go as a i thought it would. So they changed my hours on me yesterday evening but didn't tell me what hours i was going to work until they called me. Yep i was on call today and i hated it. I hope i never have to do that again. ! So i did get to sleep in today. So i was glad of that. It came around to 2pm in the afternoon. Still no phone call. Then i got a hold of my schedule to see what was going on said she will get a hold of the office and let me. so then she called back and it will be about 2.5 more hours. Well 7pm came and went then at 7:30pm i finally got a call. Of course i had to go up towards Mansfield today for a new client so it took me 45 min to get there. So i didn't have a set time schedule since no one told me how long to stay and such so i stayed till 12:30am and just got home 10 minutes ago. whew i tell you what an unusual  day. lol

  But i am thankful that it's over. So i finally get a day of  Sunday. I haven't had since Easter Sunday so I deserve a day off. hehe. Looking forward to it. :)

   Well i wanna do something different I found a few this or that questions. I thought they would be fun to do so here are some this or that questions. have fun.  :)
50 This or That Questions!


        1.) Vanilla or chocolate.?
        2.)Fruit or Vegetables?
        3.) Hot or cold cereal.?
        4.)Sweet or Salty?
        5.) Chips or Popcorn?
        6.)Cake or Pie?
        7.)fudgesicles or creamsicles?: 
         8.)hamburgers or hotdogs? 
         9.)Juice or Soda? 
        10.)Celery or Cucumber? 
        11.) Peanutbutter or Jelly? 
        12.)Mild or Spicy?
        13.)Chicken or Turkey? 
        14.)White Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?
                  White Potatoes 
         15.)Mayo or Mustard.? 
        16.)Rice or Pasta.?

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