Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new year.:: Memories

       Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great New years eve. Well i just got home from my boyfriends parents house. We went over for alittle bit this evening. Ate some pizza, and played some wii bowling. I bet my recod of 213 to 223 tonight. yippies. lol. I want to get a wii now and play more to try to beat the sports game.

      Well, I am unfornatlly going to bed here soon since i gotta work tomorrow. So no i won't stay up to watch the ball drop tonight.I wish i was off but unfortunatly i hsve to work. That's what happens in health care sometimes.

      But, I am planning to watch the rose bowl parade tomorrow on my little break that i get tomorrow. So i am looking forward to looking at the new floats that they are having this year.I really don't know how they do it. They are beautiul though. :)

     So i hope everyone has a happy new  year 2013 tomorrow. here are some flash back memories for me that i thought were great memories.


                                                        Happy Memories of 2012                      



       So there are only a few memories that i have put on here. I hope to make more in the new year of 2013. So i am wishing you all a happy 2013.

                                                     Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday social

                    My best new yrs is propbaly when i went to my sister's new yrs eve party at her college dorm party. that was pretty fun. i normally work but i had the two days off last yr. it was a fun party. lol

      Hello everyone and hope you are having a great weekend. ! Well, today we went shopping and enjoyed are selfs. went to his parents house. Yesterday we went to a pizza place in westerville,ohio it was really good. i think it was called mushroom pizza place or something like that for his brother's bday dinner. sure was good pizza. yum.

 So not much doing today. just enjoying my weekened off. Loving it so far. :) I can't believe that today is half over already. wow. were did the time go? thinking about taking a nap and then make some supper. It's going to be mexican night here at are house tonight. yum. plus a pb pie homemade by me. yum. my favorite.

  Well, I am going to link up with Ashley's carnival ride with Sunday Social. 12/30/2012

                                                        Sunday Social

1. What is the best New Years Eve you've ever had?
              Last yr when i was at my sister's college dorm party for new yrs.hehe, it was fun.

  2. Are you doing anything for NYE this year and if so what?
               Hanging out with my boyfriend and just relaxing. can't stay up all night though since i have to work in the morning.

3. Name a book we should all read come January?
                 I don't know i haven't read any lately.

4. What are your new years resolutions?
                 I want to loose more weight,and try to cook some more food then just going out all the time to eat. it's nice for awhile but it does get alittle pricy at times.

   So i hope you all have a great evening. Time to make supper and pie. yum. lol.

Friday, December 28, 2012

5 question friday

   Hello everyone and happy friday. I am so glad that i am finally off my frist weekend at my new job. yea, I am going to sleep in tomorrow morning then start cleaning house and what else that needs done.

  So i got my scheduale today work all week then ill see when my next day will be off on next thursday. it was also payday so i am pretty happy with that. i got gas. I am so happy and thankful that i only have to fill up my car once a week or once every other week. i am saving alot of money with the gas issue.whew. i am pretty happy living like 5 to 10 min from work and clint's houses not to far away from where i live here.

 Wellp, i hear we are suppose to get up to 1=2 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow. so i am thankful i dont have to really go anywhere this weekend. except going to church finally!!!! i missed my church the last two i am thankful for being able to go and then hang out with my boyfriend and his parents. still trying to work on the surprise part for his parents but my family knows about the superise.!!!. hehe.

 Anyways,i couldn't sleep that well last night boyfriend kept rolling around and he couldn't sleep either so i was stuggling to catch some sleep but i did end up with 4 hours today. so i am hoping that i can sleep better tonight. well see. if not i am sleeping in tomorrow.

 Well since it is friday i am goning to link up with 5 friday questions.

                                      5 Friday questions 12/28/2012


1. If you had to give 1 million dollars to just one person (not your spouse), who would it be and why?
            I would give my 1 million to a homeless person so they can get off the street and find a home to live in,buy them clothes,and food,and any other neseities that they would  need.
2. What bathroom stall do you typically go to FIRST?
          I usually go in the third stall. first and 2nd stalls usually always get used first and i cant stand going into the a public restroom and having to clean up after someone else went to the bathroom and decided just to leave the seat dirty or don't flush the toliet. I am picky. lol. working in the health field taught me alot about some information. lol
3. How do you prefer to shop: In-store or online?
          I perfer to shop in the store because if you buy clothes on line sometimes they don't fit like a store brand shirt. plus you don't have to wait along time to get it shipped to your house,or have to pay for shipping.
4. What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?
           My weather down here in knox county right now is cold with snow . I am looking forward to spring already. lol
5. Do you own a pair of Tom's and what do you think? Overrated, underrated or about right
            No, i don't. I don't like them and i won't want a pair ever. they make your feet all sweety. yuck.

Well, i hope everyone has a great evening. i think i am going to take a little nap. have a good one.! :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

its ok thursday.

      Hello everyone I hope things are going well for everyone on this fine thusday afternoon. Well we are making dinner. pizza and chicken wings tonight! yum. i am letting him cook tonight. hehe.

    Well, went to walmart and got some food and a few other things for the house. So were all set on that for awhile. whoo whoo! lol.

    I am gonna link up with It's okay thursday now. enjoy.

                                           Its Ok Thursdays

                                        It's ok thursday.............

  • to want to wear the same shirts as your boyriends. hehe. i got him a nintendo addict shirt so i got myself one. i liked it. :) hehe, scary we can wear the same size.

  • to get sparkling red grape juice for a special occasion. yum.
                                                 Red Grape
  • To be a kid at heart and watch cartoons in the evening.


  • To learn how to play halo thrignolgy from your boyriend.

  • To be full of food.
  • To like were i work now alot better then i thought it would be.
  • To make new friends.
  • To have great memories and make new ones.
  • To want to get the movie  pitchure perferct sometime here soon.
  • To wash the dishes tomorrow when u get home from work.
  • To relax and enjoy the evening.
  • To play xbox 360 with my boyfriend,
  • To wear your pjs all day if you wern't going
  • To hope to finally have a weekend off.To want spring to come early!!!
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