Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Enjoying the day off::The fact is::Top ten tuesday::Sometimes and always::A moment of silence for the connicuite shootings

         Hey everyone. Well, today was my day off and i am having a good day so far. We went up to mansfield to do a little shopping. ben got everything done for his shopping but, i have to wait till pay day for mine. which will be only be in 2 more days.! Can;t wait to get it done.

     So i haven't done this blog link up for awhile. so here is the Fact Is link-up

the chiffon diary
   The Fact Is.........   Christmas is only a few more days left and i really need to shop for
  The Fact Is......... I need to do laundary soon or i wont have any uniorms left to wear for work. lol.
  The Fact Is.........  I need to clean out my car tonight or tomorrow so i can drive my friends around.
  The Fact Is.........I like playing on my boyfriends xbox 360 and playing basketball it's fun. :)
  The Fact Is........ I miss one of my friends, i guess i am going to have to wait a little longer for her to forgive me. But it will be worth the wait i am hoping.
  The Fact Is....... The world didn't end on 12-12-12 like it said it would but only the good lord knows when the world is going to end.
  The Fact Is.......  I am tired and i think i need to lay down and take a little nap later today.
 The Fact Is........ I love the store 5dollars and below.I was just introuduced to the store a few weeks ago and they have a lot of great things there. that's one place i am going to go christmas shoping at.  :)
 The Fact Is....... We don't have a christmas tree up yet. think ill get a small one at big lots. ? What's a christmas without a christmas tree right?
  The Fact Is....... It's time for another blog hop. :)
                                             Now it's time for top 10 tuesday blog link up.

             Let's see i guess today is going to be top 10 qoutes.



                                          My next link-up is Sometimes and always. 

Sometimes:: I say things that i don't mean to say but i always try and let people know how i feel.
Always:: Feel bad later on and knowing i hope i diden't offend anyone.
Sometimes::I wish i can just stay home one day and watch movies.
Always::I get up and do other things instead of relaxing.
Sometimes:: I want to take a week vacaton and go away to a different state.
Always:: Can't beacuse i got a new job and have to be there for a year till i get vacation.
Sometimes:: I wish i could have extra cash on me.
Always:: Know that i would probaly spent it if i had it instead of saving it.
Sometimes::I wish i had time to read a book.
Always:: End up with a bunch of things to do on my list for the day.
Sometimes:: I type to much.
Always:: End up having more posts if i didn't hehe.
Well one more thing i would like to do before i end my post for the day. I would like to take a moment of silence for the connicut shootings that had accourd on the 12-14-12.I am praying for you all to find some peace.

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