Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new year.:: Memories

       Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great New years eve. Well i just got home from my boyfriends parents house. We went over for alittle bit this evening. Ate some pizza, and played some wii bowling. I bet my recod of 213 to 223 tonight. yippies. lol. I want to get a wii now and play more to try to beat the sports game.

      Well, I am unfornatlly going to bed here soon since i gotta work tomorrow. So no i won't stay up to watch the ball drop tonight.I wish i was off but unfortunatly i hsve to work. That's what happens in health care sometimes.

      But, I am planning to watch the rose bowl parade tomorrow on my little break that i get tomorrow. So i am looking forward to looking at the new floats that they are having this year.I really don't know how they do it. They are beautiul though. :)

     So i hope everyone has a happy new  year 2013 tomorrow. here are some flash back memories for me that i thought were great memories.


                                                        Happy Memories of 2012                      



       So there are only a few memories that i have put on here. I hope to make more in the new year of 2013. So i am wishing you all a happy 2013.

                                                     Happy New Year!

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