Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brrrr it's cold out side::World ending tomorrow????::New blog title name??::Finally shopping::Reason's to be cheerfu::It's pk thursday

     Hey everyone! :) Hope you all had a great day/evening. Brrr it sure is cold,windy,and rainy outside. I hope we don't get the snow that we were expecting to get. 1in to 4inches of snow! Ahhh! I hate snow. I wish we can have another winter like we did last yr. nice and mild. but that probaly wont happen. I just hope and pray that i can make it to and from work to my clint's houses during the winter.

   So people say that the world is going to end tomorrow? Well, that's what they thought it was going to be on 12-12-12 but nope we are all still here. i beieve people need to stop making scientific arguments about when the world will end. The only one person who knows is God.God will destroy the Earth when he is ready and when he thinks it time to do it. So I am not listing to thoes science people. so i am going to live my life the fullest until my time is up. My boyfriend brought the subject up and i told him If it's God's will he will. If not he wasen't ready.

 Well I am working on a new title for my blog. i want something different. I am trying to go threw my mind and see what i want to call my blog. ill think of smothing but ill leave it to what i have it as. But hoping soon that i can have a new blog title. :)

 So, I hung out with my friend kayla for a half an hour today. went to the mall. Diden't buy anything thing there. Went to a few other stores and bought a few things. some people are of my list so i am glad of that. Still have a lot to get yet. hate last minute shopping. lol. Well I hope i can find something tomorrow when i hang out with my friend cindy. Hope it's not bad weather so we can go up to strongsville and go shopping.

  Well, I am gonna link up with with reasons to be cheerful.

                                           Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

                                My reasons to be cheerful are..........................

*To be able to have a few christmas shopping presents done so far.
*My new job!!
*Getting paid every week.
*Having food in the house for the next 2 weeks.
*Having laundaruy done for 2 weeks.
*To be able to stop during the day and just thank god for lot's of things in life.
*To been able to see my friend today.
*To have seen gas at $2.99 today.( Not or to long though)
*To be able to come home and relax after a long day.

                      Now i am going to link up with It's ok Thursday...

Its Ok Thursdays
                                                                  It's ok.................................
* Have fun while you go shopping.
*Buy gifts for other people.
*Not wanting to have snow.
*Wrapping presents.
*Have fun baking cookies.
* Doing your laundary every 2 weeks if you have to go to the laundary mat.
*Wanting to go see your boyfriends parents new puppy.
* Wanting to say Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays.
*Juat having fun.
*To say goodnight and have a blessed day. :)
    Hope you all have a great night.Try and stay warm.Night...

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