Wednesday, December 26, 2012



              Hey everyone, i had a nice chreistmas.! I sure did. i enjoyed myself and had alot of fun.Had a lot of presents. and i am thankful for all of them. hope all o you guys had a great christmas. I am just doing some surveys today that i have found. hope you all are enjoying rhe weather. i am not liking it one bit. too much snow. expecting up to 6-10inches o snow and we probaly got at least 7in right now. please go away. i can't wait till spring.! lol


                        Hope today goes well.
                        I have about 30$ plus a 25$ git card.
                      My work
                       Jingle bells for christmas but going to change soon.
                       A nice fuzzy brown sweater i got from christmas.
                     In the middle
                     Love you and i am happy that we are taking the next step.       
                       Life is too short.

                     My boyriends parents dog named scoop
                        The devil
                     Me and my boyfriend
                      Love you and see you soon
                       I would choose the million bucks.
                       Yes,my boyfriend

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