Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let it snow? no thanks::Presents::Gifts

     Hey everyone! Hope your day is good. Sure is col outside. well i went shopping last night bought a few things. almost done. going to cloumbus in a few to finish my shopping. love the 5 dollar and below store they have at the mall down there. polaris here we come. lol. also probaly end up in mansfield this evening theres something i would like to get my boyriend there at hot topics. it would be just great for him with the shirt i bought him. lol.

     Well here is the snow that we got here in federicktown yesterday.Not much but sure was icy yesterday. i kinda of did a donghut on the way home last night. think goodness no one was behind me on the way off the exit ramp. and thank god that i didn't wreck my car. :)


                  This is were i got with my presents so far. i still got more to wrap.


                  Well, I got a orniment from work thursday. it was pretty nice of them to do that. it's a santa with my name on it.

Also,One of my clint's got me a alittle something for christmas.

                        Well i am going to have something else to show you all this week i hope. i have to let family know first before everyone else. sorry but that will be your   surprise later this week. Well i am off to columbus now. have a great evening.

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