Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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        Hey everyone. Happy wedensday. Hope all is going well. My day has been great. I worked with my clinets today and got off at 1pm. Sure am loving this morning shift. I get my schedual tomorrow so we will see how that happens. I am hoping to have Christmas off and work Christmas eve till at least 5p But i will check to see tomorrow.

        Well tomorrow is payday.whoopies. That makes me happy. I get go to my last minute christmas shopping done after work tomorrow. ya. i needed to get this done since were having christmas Sunday at my grandmas house. So yep last minute shopper here. lol.

       Also,I am going to be hanging out with my friend Kayla tomorrow. We haven't seen each other since i believe ocober so were going to go do some christmas shopping together for are families.So i am hoping we find some good deals.

                      Well, I am going to link up with What I'm loving Wedensday!

1.) That we haven't had any snow this month yet that was horrible.
2.) That tomorrow is payday!!!! :)
3.)That i am going to be getting to go shopping tomorrow.
4.)That Christmas is almost here.!!!!
5.)That i am still here and alive.
6.)That i can make a difference.
7.)That God is awsome!!!!
8.)That things will eventually will take time.
9.)That there are still decent people in this world.
10.)That winter will be here soon. and time for cozy socks. :)
Here are some funny things that i have found. ENJOY!
Well, I hope i made someone laugh or smile today. wellp out to clean the car. hope you have a great afternoon. :)

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