Monday, December 17, 2012

yummy dinner:: )

   Hey,well i am back again. yep. not much to say but my boyfriend and i made an absoultly great dinner tonight. it was great.

   We had country fried steak,bacon,potoaes,and scrambled eggs. it turned out really well. yum. I had to save most of it for tomorrow but at least it turned out good.Are first meal that we cooked tonight together. :)

               First,I made some bacon for the gravy. it turned out great,nice and crispy bacon.


                                  My boyfriend made some chips in the fyer. they were great!!!!

                        Next,was the gravy. was ok but homemade gravy is always better.

                                   Then, it was time for the country fried steak to go in the fryer. 
                              Then we made the potaotes then fried them in the skillet, yum,        

                               Last and not least i made the screambled eggs. i didn't have milk but i used sour cream instead turned out really good.

 So that was supper,then we watched the 5 yr engagement. it was funny. Now it's about time to go to bed here shortly. i am getting a little tired. Yippies get to sleep in tomorrow morning.! !!!!!

  Well goodnight everyone. hope you all had a great day!

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