Thursday, December 27, 2012

its ok thursday.

      Hello everyone I hope things are going well for everyone on this fine thusday afternoon. Well we are making dinner. pizza and chicken wings tonight! yum. i am letting him cook tonight. hehe.

    Well, went to walmart and got some food and a few other things for the house. So were all set on that for awhile. whoo whoo! lol.

    I am gonna link up with It's okay thursday now. enjoy.

                                           Its Ok Thursdays

                                        It's ok thursday.............

  • to want to wear the same shirts as your boyriends. hehe. i got him a nintendo addict shirt so i got myself one. i liked it. :) hehe, scary we can wear the same size.

  • to get sparkling red grape juice for a special occasion. yum.
                                                 Red Grape
  • To be a kid at heart and watch cartoons in the evening.


  • To learn how to play halo thrignolgy from your boyriend.

  • To be full of food.
  • To like were i work now alot better then i thought it would be.
  • To make new friends.
  • To have great memories and make new ones.
  • To want to get the movie  pitchure perferct sometime here soon.
  • To wash the dishes tomorrow when u get home from work.
  • To relax and enjoy the evening.
  • To play xbox 360 with my boyfriend,
  • To wear your pjs all day if you wern't going
  • To hope to finally have a weekend off.To want spring to come early!!!
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