Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Monday:: Day off tomorrow:: A Round a Tu,,,,,,

     Hey everyone! :) Well i hope your Monday is going well. i still can't believe it's monday already. i am looking forward to thursday since it's pay week.! yippies! Looking forward to getting my christmas shopping done. Ahhh 8 more days left so i better get it done soon. right? lol

   Well,work went well today. loving this morning shift and having the afternoons off. its pretty nice. i sure did miss working first shift. :)

  So, it's Monday and i have tomorrow off and so does my boyfriend. So we are gonna go out and have some fun on are day off. probaly go see a movie. and sleeping in alittle. plus i really need to clean my car out tomorrow.!!! its a mess. so time to clean.just hoping no rain tomorrow so i can clean it out. lol.

  Well, i haven't done this blog hop for along time so i am gonna to this blog link to "A Round Tuit"


I have gotten a round tu... cleaning the house and making it look like it's clean.

I have gotten a round tu... seeing some christmas lights in town. :)


I have gotten a round tu... check my email. i had over 800 emails on my aol account. lol finally got the chance to delaete them. ya!!!!

I have gotten a round tu...make christmas cookies.


::FIVE::I have gotten a round tu... Watch the full season of supernatrual season 7. great one can't wait till season 8.!

Supernatural Season 7 BRCover.jpg

I have gotten a round tu...Just having one full time job now. :)
I have gotten a round tu... Cooking more food latey with help from ,y boyfriend. we have been cooking buritoes,and having taco night most evenings. lol. it sure is good.
I have gotten a round tu... Go back to Cosi. I haven't been there since i was in 6th grade.

I have gotten a round tu... Eat at a quaker steak and lube. oh my they are so good!
  I have gotten a round tu... Turning on the christmas music and being in the mood for Christmas. :)

   So what have you gotten a round tu....????

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