Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just having a great day! :)

   Hello everyone.! Well, for some odd reason my post from friday disapeared. which makes me a little upset but, i am blogging today. Wow what a busy day today but, a fun day as well.

 First off,we went to cloumbus to go to a train show. it a fun time. here are some photos i took of the train show.


                   My boyfriend bought me a train hat for the train show so i took a

So we had some fun there and since we were down that way we ended up at cosi. it was open today so we went in and had some are some pic.

After Cosi we then went for lunch at easton mall for something yummy!

Boy, it was my first time eating there and it was really good. But,i think i will still pick chipollta though. :)

So after we got home from a long day in cloumbus we then headed out to church for are bethlam play. It went really well we had over 500 people tonight and hoping to beat are record from last year.Friday there was about 200 people and hope that more will come out tomorrow night. :) I am in the sence were they were at the inn looking for a room to stay so that mary could have baby jesus.Buy instead they did not have room in the inn but only a stable to go to give birth to the baby.


Me and my pregnet belly. lol :)
 Well, after the night ater the play had ended we then went back to ben's parents house and played with there new puppy scoop. he is so cute!!
So now that the day is half over we are just watching tv until we go to bed. So i hope everyone is having a great weekend! Enjoy it. :)

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