Thursday, January 3, 2013

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    Hello everyone! well, i hope everyone had a great holidays. I sure did. I am blessed to have a great family,and people who care so much for me. :)

    So Idon't really have any resaloutions but, i do have a some good news that i promised that i would tell you guys after we told his parents. I am engaged.! :) I am so excited it's going to go by fast,with the planning and everything. Wedding date hasen't been set yet but we are going around it to see which day it would be good on. But we do know it's going to be in July of 2014. So i am happy with a year of planning and deciding on what i am wanting to do. So i am just thrilled at the moment. :)

  We didn't know how his parent's would take it but, they were thrilled when they found out about it. they were happy for us and hope for the best.So as i am proud to say that i am greatful to have a great future in-laws.

  So everyone is good and things are normal so now it's time  to make plans and saving some decent money for a good wedding, Starting to do some planning and see what all needs to be done with everything. I am just glad that i have my maide of honnor and bridesmaides all picked out and they all said yes. so i am happy to answer that i got that covered. Ben has bestman,and groomesmen done.Got ringbeauer,and flowergirl done. so i am happy to say things are going down a good road towards planning. i am just excited and happy. :)

 Here is a pic of my engagment ring.



       So, there it is. that was the big surprise that i had to keep you waiting for. :)

           Well, I am going to link up with it's ok thursday...........1/3/2013



                                                     It's ok too.............................

            * To be excited about starting to plan for my wedding.! :)
            * To pick up extra shifts at work since they need help.
            *To be thankful that it's pay day tomorrow.
            * To be anxious for my parents to meet ben's parents in april.
            * To start looking at dresses to get ideas.
            * To have a wedding as ohio state theme. yep were going to try. lol
            * To have an average of 223 on bowling the other night on the wii sports game.
            * To go to bed early some nights.
            * Be thankful i am only filling up on gas every other week since i work from town. loving it. :)
            *To be thankful i have my bridesmaides and maide of honnor all ready picked and said yes.ya.
            *To have the same shirt as your boyfriend, lol
            * To be tired after a long days work.
            * To wish that a old friend will want to talk to me again.
            * To be happy. :)

         Well, here is a survey i thought was pretty cool. so here we go.



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