Saturday, January 26, 2013

fill in the blank Friday::30 day challange

    Hey everyone. well i am back. I got home about a quarter to 10 pm. took a shower then made some strawberry Daiquiri dink.yum it sure is good. I was tired until i took that shower so i am pretty wide awake now and wonder when i am going to bed? i am not sure. might be an all nigher but we will see. I am just happy that i have the whole weekend off. whoop,whoop. lol.

   Well I am going to link up with a new blog that i just started following today HAVFAITH.  She has some fill in the blanks for Friday's  so i am happy that i found this blog. :) So here are the fill in the blanks Friday.

                                          Fill in the blank Friday.


1.)  When i hear there is a winter storm on the way,i stock up on milk,eggs,toliet paper,pop,flour,sugar,bottled water, bacon because, you never know what could happened. and u would want to be safe just in case. 

2.) In the winter my car does ok but, sometimes it does get stuck and slides easy. I hope we don't get to much more snow.

3.) My favorite winter clothing items are  fuzzy pj's. i love them ,hoodies, fuzzy socks.

4.) The snow makes me think of  my younger years as a kid. 

5.) The one winter item i can't live without is my heating blanket, i love it. 

   So  I also found a 30 day challenge so here i will start doing this 30 day challenge.
{1} When I hear there is a winter storm on the way, I stock up

               For the first 30 day challenge  the question is....

        Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and describe how they became fears.

                                             1. Fear of heights
                                                     fear of heights « Totefishing
    I rather be on the ground. i just have this fear of something that might go wrong when your up so high. 

                                          2. Fear of crazy drivers
                                                   drivers: skilled or crazy
   I am always afraid that someone could be drunk when there driving or there just being reckless while putting makeup on or something,.

                                                   3.Fear of  spiders
                                                              Spider 1
   I hate/fear spiders because you don't know which one's that are good and which one's that could harm you and could cause death if there poisonous. 

                   Day One: 
     List 10 random facts about yourselves 

               1. I love to bake.
               2.Favorite color is red
               3.Love the Ohio state football team 
               4.I am getting married.
               5.I like to listen to the old 50's 60's music
               6.My favorite movie of all time is never been kissed.
               7.I play video games
               8.I love scary movies
               9. Supernatural is my favorite TV show.
               10. I am a state tested nursing assistant for home health 

Well that's all for now. hope everyone has a great evening. Night. 

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