Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday

   Well, i am all done with work and back home watching pretty little liars. It's getting good all the time. Work went good. client wanted to play bingo so we played a few games. So that went good. lol.

   So my boyfriend went on Craigs list and was looking for an old nes game system. well he found one that he wanted and he bought it. Sometimes when you buy an old game system they don't work. well he cleaned it out good and it works.So we have been playing on it or a little bit today when i am on my little breaks from work.  So it was fun. lol.

 For some people who don't know what a nes is this is what it it.

    OK, so know i am linking up with top ten Tuesday.

My top 10 Tuesday this week is favorite TV show's 
1.) Pretty Little Liars

2.)Switched at birth

3.) Sponge bob square parents 

4.) Fairly odd parents

5.)Family guy

6.) American Pickers 

7.) Pawn stars

9.)Say yes to the dress


      Hope you all have a great night. :)

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