Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30 days challenge

      Hey everyone well today has been a good day so far.Got one more client then i am done for the night. Then do all over again tomorrow threw next Tuesday.Hope you all are having a great day day as well.

     So I am loving the 60 degree weather today. i was happy to see the the 60's and i wish we can have it for the rest of the winter. But, i know that is not going to happen so i am gonna enjoy it until it ends.

    Well, it's tome for the 30 day challenge. it's day 6 so here is day 6 question challenge.


                           What is the hardest thing that you had to experience.? 

       My hardest thing that i had to experience was loosing my grandpa.It was so hard for me when he passed away. I took care of when he was on my hallway when i worked at Kingston  until he passed. So basically got to see him about every day when i was working. I was close to grandpa. He was always so proud of us grand-kids.  But at first it was hard seeing him there suffering when he didn't feel like going back to dyalisas. But in the end i know he was in a better place. 
      So that was my hardest experienced that i had to go threw. 

    Well that is day 6 daily challenge. 

     i gotta get ready to head back to work. so i hope you enjoy your rest of the weekend. 

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