Thursday, January 31, 2013

Long busy day::Cleaned house::30 daily challenge::Let's talk

        Hello everyone. Well, I had a busy day but, i finally got to sit down and rest for a little bit today. I've been on the go since 8 am and just now got relaxed. So i am blogging a little late but it was the only time that i got to do it then i am headed to bed.

       Well i worked from 8 am till 9:30 pm tonight. I had 2 breaks in between had to go to the office to pick up schedule,paycheck,and a meeting. Then i came home for 1 hr and swept the floors,did all the dishes that he left in the sink. also cleaned up the all the clothes on the floor. Boy i can't wait to till he learns how to pick up after himself. So i was a busy girl today.

      So looks like are landlord is coming in to do some spraying tomorrow in the apartment's so i gotta work but i am also gonna put my laundry in and get that done too. seems like a busy day tomorrow as well. heck i got a 40 hr week coming up and my only day off is Tuesday  I am suppose to get a free facial makeover so i wonder how that is going to be like. i never had a facial before. So i am kinda of excited, It came with the gift card that i won at the bridal show so i am excited. :)

      I am still waiting on one of my w2's i am hoping to get it this week. if not i am calling them to see i really just want to get my taxes done and over with till next yr comes around.

      OK, so it's time to do the 30 day challenge Day 7

                                                        Day 7
                            What are 3 passions that you have?

  • Family- family is really important to me.
  • Photos-I love taking photo's it help's me relax and look at the beauty that we see everyday but may have not time to enjoy everyday. 
  • Animal's-I wish i would of went to school to be a veterinarian. I love animals it saddens me how some people treat there animals.  

  There is also another link up called Let's talk
                                         Hayley's World

  • How and where did you meet?
        One of my friend's mentioned that she had a friend that she wanted me to meet. So she gave me a website that had him on it called POF.= Plenty of So that is were we officially first chatted then we decided to meet at the mall and we have been dating since.

  • Was it love at first sight.?
         I guess it was. it was like we went so well with each other and i believe we were in love at day one.

  • How long did you know each other before you started dating.?
          It was probably about 2 weeks we started talking and then he asked me out on a date. and it's been good ever since. :)

  •  How long were you engaged/married.? 
           We waited till it was 6 months we were dating to get engaged and we are getting married next year in July. :)

  • The list could go on and on.
          We moved in together when we were dating for 4 months.
           We basically like the same things.

Well, I hope everyone has a great night. i am off to bed now. Getting tired, Have a goof night. :)

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