Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Follow Four::Fill in the blank::5 Friday questions::30 Day challenge

       Hello everyone and happy Saturday. I kinda missed blogging yesterday due to power outage. So looks like i got some catching up to do.

      Yep electric went out about 7:45 pm last night and didn't come on till 3:30 am this morning. So i was not too happy with that. I also had to go to work and help my client's with the power outage till 9: 15 pm last night. Just to make sure they were OK. It was probably one of the worst nights that

    So right now i got pork chops in the oven. I got hungry for pork chops. So that's what we are having tonight for dinner and eggs. lol.

   Well Since i missed my Friday Fun with blogging i am gonna do both friday and today's link-ups.So here is Friday Link up's.


                -Friday Follow Four-

1.I was probably the only kid in the world who Didn't like whip cream.
2. Grape is my favorite juice.
3.I never thought i would get married until I met Ben.

4.I always wanted to Be a nurse But, I guess my calling is still being an aide. 

   Next blog link up is -Fill in the blank Friday-

1.Sniff,Sniff,...What is Cooking tonight? 
2.Are you a College football Sport fan I am.
3.What is the pork chops that is so good? 
4. My bedroom is my peace and quite.
5.One of my dreams is to be a scientist forensic. 
6.There are so few.
7.And as for the weekend tonight i am looking forward to going to bed after i get off work.Tomorrow i plan to not to do much i gotta work so it t can't do that much. And Sunday ,I want to Clean house a little bit and be with my boyfriend. 

   Now it's time for Friday Five Question's 
1. What is your favorite book to read with your kids?
     I don't have kid's yet, but one day i hope to read to my kid's. 
2. After having kid's what body part has changed the most.?
     Nothing because i don't have kids yet. 
3.Would you ever go back to college? What would you study?
     Yes, i would if i ever could. Science Forensic and photographer classes. 
4. How do you close a phone call?Bye,bye bye bye or other?  
     It depends on who i talk to. I usually say bye and have a good day if i talk to my friends. if it's my boyfriend i say love you. Family usually say bye or love you. But sometimes it all depends on my mood that i am in too. lol 
5. What is one food that will always be on your  "cheat food" on your diet.?
     My cheat food diet would have to be Chicken wings from quaker stake and lube, 

     Now it's time for 30 daily challenge day number 9


                List three people who have influenced your life,and how?
1. My mother- She taught me so many things, love,life, be yourself,be friendly to people, and on and on.
2.My grandpa- he taught me a lot about life, people, leadership,love, list goes on. he passed away in  may of 2011.
3.One of my Friends- Taught me more about life, love, happiness, love for god. and many more.

        These people have influenced me in so many ways and i am so happy that they are in my life.

OK well that is all my cought up for last nigh. So stay tuned for my next blog in a few.

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  1. thanks for playing - grape is my favorite juice too (but only the fermented kind)