Friday, February 8, 2013

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     Hello everyone. ! Hope all is well. Today was a busy day for me. I worked from 8 am to 1 pm, went and got taxes done,got haircut, valentines's present done, worked 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Are new tv game today as well. I am loving are new 42" TV. It's awesome. He he  

                      New TV:

New hair cut: 

 So i picked up some more hours at work for tomorrow. I am looking forward to Sunday. my only day off this week. whew. Gonna be tired when my next day comes. lol.

  Well, I am gonna link up with 5 Friday questions.

1.What holiday do you wish that did not exist.? 
   Wow that's a hard one. I guess the holiday that i wish that didn't exist would be Halloween I guess. 

2. What is your favorite romance/love movie.?
    Never been kissed. 
3.DO you make a big production when celebrating Valentines day.?
   No, we just do something small and maybe 2 present's.we don't go all out. 
4.What is something weird that you did as a child (or even now.?)
  I played with barbies a lot when i was little. lol 
5.What makes you love your husband really Love him,since valentines is coming up.?
  Well i am not married yet so i really can't answer this question. But i can say i love my boyfriend for all the wonderful things that he does for me and he makes my life complete 

   Next link up i am gonna link up is Friday four fill in 

  1. When i am off the phone i have to_ Be on the computer or something to keep occupied. 
  2.I have a_ crazy work schedule at times. 
  3.I started blogging to_ see if i would like blogging and talking about things. and i do. :) 
  4.My worst habit is_ when i have my pen in my hand i tend to click it a lot. 

   Next link up is Fill in the blank Friday.


   1.In New England_ I hope they are ready for there winter.
 2._lots of snow_ I wish sometimes we don't get a lots of snow.
 3. Ahhhhh,_I was getting frustrated with taxes today.
 4.Bowling is my favorite thing to do now a day. 
 5.Last night i had a dream about_Nothing. i was out like a light. 
 6. Crocheting which is the perfect way to make a blanket. 
 7.And as for the weekend tonight i am looking forward to my bed.tomorrow my plans include working and Sunday i want to go to church,relax,and go see a movie hoping. 

  Next link up is the 30 day challenge day 17. 



Day 17 is What is the thing you most wish you were good at.?

Mmm that''s a hard question because there could be a lot of different  things i wish i could be good at. let's see here I wish i could play the piano like a professional player Also i would like to be crafty and be able to sell what i make. I have made things from crocheting but they didn't turn out great just ok. So i wish i could be better at crocheting. Those would be the 2 main things i would love to wish i could be better at.   

   Well I hope everyone has a great night. I am headed off to bed. Night everyone. :)             


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