Tuesday, February 5, 2013

48 questions.

Footprints in the Sand: It was

                    Hey everyone here are 48 questions that looked fun so here they are.

1. Where you named after anyone? No 
2.When was the last time you cried? Last Sad movie that I watched The Vow.
3.Do you like your hand writing? No not really 
4.What is your favorite lunch meat? Turkey
5.Do you have kids? No
6.If you were another person would you be friends with you? Yes
7.Do you use sarcasm a lot? Maybe a little. 
8.Do you still have your Tonsils ?  Yes
9.Would you Bungee Jump? No way afraid of heights
10.What is your favorite cereal ? None don't eat any. 
11.Do you untie your shoes when you take them off ? No I just take them off. 
12.Do you think you are strong?  Sometimes. 
13.What is your favorite ice cream? Oreo cookies
14.What is the first thing you notice about people.? Attitude 
15.Red or pink? Red
16.What is the least favorite thing about yourself? My weight.
17.Who do you miss the most.? My grandpa. 
18.What is the technique that you need to work on? Trusting people
19.What color of shoes are you wearing now.?  I am not wearing any. 
20.What was the last thing you ate.? Pizza 
21.What are you listing to right now.? Nothing right now. 
22.If you were a crayon what color would you be.?  Indigo Blue
23. Favorite  smells.?  Blueberry muffins 
24. How important are your politics view to you? Not very they just need to get the job done. 
25.Mountain hideaway or beach houses? Mountain hideaway
26.Favorite sport to watch? Football. 
27.Hair color: Originally brown 
28.Eye color? Brown
29.Do you wear contacts? Nope glasses 
30.Favorite food: Shrimp 
31.Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings
32.Last movie you watched? Twilight breaking dawn part 2.
33.What color shirt are you wearing? black and white shirt 
34.Summer or winter? Summer
35.Favorite dessert? pb brownies
 36.strength training or cardio? Cardio 
37.Computer or television? Computer
38.What book are you reading now.? None 
39.What is on your mouse pad? I don't have one.
40.Favorite sound? Church bells

41.Favorite genre of music? Country 
42.What  is the farthest you have been away from home.? Canada 
43.Do you have a special talent.? i can play the piano 
44.Where were you born? Ashland, Ohio 
45 Where are you living now. ? Federicktown, Ohio 
46.What color is your house.? white
47.What color is your car? Yellow
48.Do you like answering 40 questions? Yep 

    Now it's your time have fun.

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