Monday, February 4, 2013

Day off tomorrow:: Monday quiz about me::Friend Making Monday::30 day challenge

    Hello everyone and happy Monday. Well I have a few more hrs of work left and i am looking forward to my day off with my boyfriend. So i am so glad i have tomorrow off.Been working 8 days straight so i am ready for the day off.  lol.

  So we are going to Berlin,Ohio tomorrow to pick up my git card and get a free facial while i am there. So that is going to be nice.

  Then were just gonna come back home until 6 pm to go to his parents house for supper. So it's a full day but i am thankful that i got the day off with him.

  So now it's time for Monday quiz about me.
Acting Balanced

1.Are you good about going to the doctor? 
   No, not really. i only go if i really have too.
2.What do you think about the practice of restaurant adding automatic tips for large group or special events?
  I think it is wrong. What if they did a poorly job and did not serve the right food or not filling your drinks,taking your plates away? I think it's something they need to earn to get tipped. If they do a great job and is friendly as well as good service i am good tipper. but if they are not friendly or have poor service they should not get tipped or tipped very little. If restaurant are going do that i am not gonna go to those restaurant.
3.When was the last time you went out for dinner.?
  U mm last time we went out or dinner was last Sunday when i was off, we went to bob evens, 
4.What is your best budget saving tips for recovering from an unexpected expensive or planning for one.
    Well i use coupons for food if there is anything good in the coupon pages.Well,since i am planning a wedding i have a envelop i put money in every time i get paid. so i know i will have some money for my wedding next year. 
5.Well my question to you is when was the last time you and your significant other been to the movies.?
    It's been probably since November we last been to the theater and saw breaking dawn part 2. 

  Now it is time for Friend making Monday.!

1.Share 5 things that you hope to do before you die.?
       1. Go to the Grand Canyon
       2. Go to a Taylor Swift concert
       3. Go see Graceland
       4.Travel to Ireland
       5.Go on a cruise
2.List 5 things that you like about yourself.
       1.My smile
       2.I am great listener
       3. I love my job
       4.That i can say no and not feel bad to people. 
       5. I am a good person. 
3.Share the 5 coolest things that you have done in 2013.
       1.Go to bridal show
        2.Started saving for my wedding. 
       3.Got a shirt and pj pants that match my boyfriend. lol
       4.Winning a limo service
       5.Winning a facial makeover. 
4.List 5 things you always have in your kitchen.?
5.Share 5 places that you would like to go vacation.?
       1.Grand Canyon
       3. Colorado
       4. Bronson Missouri 
       5. Pigeon forge Tennessee
6.List 5 celebrities /public figures you would like to make.
       1.Jennifer Aniston 
       2.Emily Deschanel
         3.Josh Duhamel
       4. Nickolas Sparks
      5. Julia Roberts
7.List 5 bands or artists you'd like to see preform.
     1. Taylor Swift
     2.Lady Antabella 
     3. Christina Perri
     4.Kelly Clarkson
     5.Little Big Town 
8.List 5 TV shows you don't want to miss.
     1.Switched at birth -Monday
     2.Pretty Little Liars -Tuesday
     3.Supernatural - weekdays
     5.Once upon a time-Sunday 
9.Share 5 things you wanted to do as a child.?
    1.Be a teacher
    2.Be a nurse
    3.Be a mother
   4.Get married
   5 To be a writer 
10.Share 5 things you hope to do in 2013
    1.Go back into doing Crocheting
    2.Meet my boyfriends groomsman. 
    3.Pick out dresses for bridesmaids
    4.Have more outings with my girls
    5.Take more photos 

   Now, it's time for 30 day challenge:

                                   Describe 5 weaknesses you have
                  1. Chocolate
                  2. Sometimes i can get board easy. 
                  4. Worrying 
                  5. My self-esteem 

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