Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Social:Sunday Stealing

     Another day and another Sunday half way over. Well we got about a dust of snow outside. So i work till 9:30 tonight. I forget what number day straight this is. I think it is day 7 in a row. whew. no wonder why i am tired.

    I am praying hoping that my part for my car comes in tomorrow. So i can get my tires.I am so worried about things sometimes. lol. But that's just me.

          Well, enough of that. It's time to link up with Ashley Lately for Sunday Social.

                              Sunday Social 2/17/2013

Sunday Social

1.) What is the best Valentine's Day you've have ever had.? 
            It was actually this year. i got to spend my first Valentine's day with the man i love and going to marry. We meet in April last year so we haven't had a Valentine's day until this year. It was a great day.!

2.) What is your worst Valentine's Day you've ever had.? 
        Umm I never had a bad Valentine's Day. Always goes well even if i didn't have a boyfriend at the time. 
3.) What did you do for Valentine's Day this year.? 
        We watched movies and had pizza. It was a nice Romantic Day. :)
4.) What is the best Valentine's Day idea if you're single.?
         Staying in and watching movies with your friends 
5.) What is your favorite valentine's Day candy.? 
         My favorite valentine's day candy is the Reese peanut butter hearts. 
6.) Favorite Valentine's memories from your childhood.? 
          My favorite memory would be when we were all in grades school and we made mailboxes for valentine's day for are art project at school and we would pass out little valentine's day cards around for everyone in the class.   

   I found a new link-up called Sunday stealing. so it looks like a good link-up.

1.) How did you spend your Valentine's Day.? 
      Movie and pizza with my love. 
2.)Do you eat enough veggies.? 
      Yep. I eat veggies enough i have them with lunch and dinner each night. 
3.)Do you like horror movies? how about thrillers.? 
      I like them if there not gory.
4.)Do you like scotch,? 
     No i don't 
5.)Who is someone you would never swear in front of.? 
      My parents or his parents. 
6.)Coolest thing you've have ever seen on Halloween.?
      Some of the decorations. they have some sweet ones out there. 
7.)If you could change your natural hair color would you.? to what.?
      Yes i would i would keep it dyed blond. 
8.)What subject would you take if you were forced to take a free class.?
      I would take a Algebra class if i had to. 
9.)Do you use reusable grocery bags.? 
      Yes we re use them.  
10.)City or nature person. 
        Can i choose both.? :)
11.) Have you ever used something either then "makeup" as makeup ( like paint or markers.?)
        Probably when i was little. 

12.) Do heights bother you.?can you look out of a window on the top floor of a skyscraper.? 
         No my stomach would turn into knots i don't like heights. 
13.)Post 5 awesome things about your blog.?  Brag away. 
        1.It's unique. 
        2.My blog background i love. 
        3. My title i am a happy bride to be. 
        4. I have a blog about every day.
        5.I love my link-ups i do. :)

Well, i gotta get ready for my second shift for work. Hope you all have a great evening. Enjoy your sunday afternoon.


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