Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday 9

          Hello everyone.! Well all i can say is i m so grateful that today is over. My day was better then yesterday but, it was still a bad. My future father in law did my oil change for me so that is done and over with, But i went to go get a tire for my car they wouldn't put it on because i found out that my steal wheel was bent/broken. So i called my local auto place repair and they are ordering me one up. I tell ya it's one thing it's another. It should be in by Monday so i am looking forward to it. and i am hoping and praying it is so i can get my tire for my car soon. Can i just say what a day !

       I did get my State income tax refund today. It came at a good time.Still waiting on my Federal one though. So that was one good thing that happened anyway.

       Well enough of that now. It's time for Saturday 9.


  Def    Saturday 9: Poor Some Sugar on me

1.)Do you have a favorite hair metal band.?
         No not really.
2.) Def Leppard got their start on South Yorkshire,England. Have you ever been to the UK?
         No But i wouldn't mind to go one day.
3.) Who would you rather chat with one on one: price Philippe,prince Charles,or prince Harry?
        I would like to talk to prince Harry. 
4.) Do you use real sugar or sugar substitute?
         I use real sugar.
5.)Valentine's day is big on candy sales Did you indulge in any valentine's themed surgery treats this week.?
         No i didn't have any surgery treats themed this week. 
6.)Do you regular balance your checkbook.?
         Yes,all the time when i get papers from the bank. 
7.) What was your last impulse purchase?
          Chocolate and peanut butter.  
8.)When Sam was a girl,she had nightmares about snacks under her bed. when was the last time you had a bad dream,?    
         It's been awhile and i don't remember it now. 
9.)were ordering pizza do you want deep dish or thin crust,?
         I would want deep dish. Yum.

   Hope you have a great night everyone. Time to get some shut eye.gotta work tomorrow. Night everyone.



  1. Sorry to read about your car-trials! And I'm with you on your pizza choice.

  2. it was one thing after another the last two days.but things are looking up. Hope to have my car in good condition on Monday on my lunch hour.if the part has arrived.

    Thanks for stopping by. pizza was really good that night. hope your day is going well. have a great one.