Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's talk::30 day challenge::It's ok thursday

   Hey everyone. Happy Thursday! :) Well So far today has been a great day. I think were gonna go look at TVs today on my 2nd break today   We need a new one it looks like So were gonna go shopping for one. So we will see if we come home with one today. lol

 I am also hoping to get my hair cut today. It really needs done. My bangs are driving me bonkers and it just need cut. he he  So lot's to do today.

 So i am linking up with Let's talk so here are today's question's with Let's talk.

Hayley's World

   Favorite all time movie.?  " Dirty Dancing"
Favorite movie genre.?   I love Romantic comedy movies. But i like all kinds of movies. 

Funniest movie ever.?  That's a hard one. There are a lot o funny movies out there. I guess the 40 year old virgin was pretty funny. 

One you could watch over and over again.? "Dirty Dancing" and "Never Been Kissed" I don't know how many times I've seen them. But love them both. 

Favorite Actor/Actress.? My favorite actor is Chaining Tatum/ Actress is Amanda Seyfried 

Celebrity doppleganger.? Some people said that i looked like Velma  from scoobydoo. lol 


 Velma from scoobydoo 

    Next link up is 30 day challenge so here is day 13 for the 30 day challenge. 


                                          Day 16 What are your 5 greatest accomplishments   

                                  1.Graduating from High school-getting diploma
             2.Getting my Driver's licences 
             3.Getting my state tested nurses licences
             4.Getting my first apartment by myself. 
             5.My greatest accomplishment i think is on it's way getting married next year and starting a new life with my boyfriend. 

 Well, i haven't linked up with it's OK Thursday  for a long time. So i am gonna link up with them this Thursday  So here we go with It's OK Thursday. 

                                     Its Ok Thursdays

*That we bought a new TV and surround system today and they are delivering it tomorrow for us. 
*That work got me more hours for next week. 42 hours and ill be finishing my 48 week on Saturday.
*That i am gonna go do my taxes tomorrow to get it over with.  
*That i am still a kid at heart and watch cartoons.
*That I am counting down the day's till are wedding.even though it's not till next year. he he.
*That i want are apartment to look organized and not messy. Hope to get storage and nice organized things with tax return.
*That I had breakfast for lunch today.
*That i bought a movie so undercover today and i hope it is a good one. 
*That you can have more then one link-up's in your blog. 

  Well i hope everyone has a great day. :) 

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