Monday, February 18, 2013

40 question's

                                      40 Random Question's

1.) What side of the heart do you draw first.?
        The right side. 
2.) Can you dive without plugging your nose.?
       I don't due diving. 
3.)What color is your razor.?
4.) What is your blood type.?
5.)Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours.?
     I would love to be tied to Channing Tatum 
6.)What is a rumor that someone has spread about you.?
     That i made up about being engaged and that i wasn't seeing anyone. i told them off and when they meet him they were tuned there tune. 
7.) How do you feel about carrots.?
      I love them. 
8.)How many chairs at the dinning room table?.
      Well we don't have a dinning room table in are apartment so we have none yet. 
9.)Which is the best spice girl.?
      I don't know. 
10.) Do you know what time it is.?
        Ya 11:30 pm bed time. lol 
11.)Do you know all the words to the Fresh Prince Song.?
        No not all of it. 
12.)What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator.?
       I would probably get freaked out. 
13.)What is your favorite kind of gum.?
        Well i don't chew gum that often but i like orbit gum.
14.)T or F All's fair love and war.
         Both i guess.
15.)Do you have a crush on anyone.?
      It;'s my boyfriend who i have a crush on. :) 
16.)Do you know how to use some words correctly but not know the meaning.?
        Yes sometimes i do. 
17.)Do you like to sleep.?
        Yes i do. I try to get some here and there. sometimes i can't sleep good though but i try to get some.
18.)Do you know which US states don't use day light savings.?
          No i don't 
19.)Do you know the song total eclipse of the heart.?
20.)Do you want a bright yellow 'o6 mustang.?
       No I would like to trade my yellow car into a ford yellow truck that i saw today tho. but that's in my dreams. 
21.)What's something you always wanted.?
       I always wanted a allowance when doing chores at home because I've never gotten one when i was growing up. 
22.) Do you have hairy legs.?
        No i just shaved them when i got out of the shower. 
23.)Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake. ?
        I would rather swim in a lake.
24.)Do you wear alot o black.?
       No not that much just for when i dress up. 
25.)Describe your hair.?
       Blond,short with layers. 
26.) Do you have Entomophobia?
27.)Are you an adult.?
       Yep 25 years old. 
28.)Where is/are your best friends.? 
        In my old town wear i used to live. 
29.)Do you have a tan.?
       No it's winter so no tan. 
30.)Are you a television addict.?
      No sometimes there is nothing on to watch. 
31.)Do you enjoy time to spending with your mother.? 
       Yes i do. We have a fun time when we spend time together. 
32.)Are you a sugar freak.?
         Sometimes. most of the time it's only once a month.
33.)Do you like Orange juice.?
       Yes love it my vitamin c since i can't drink milk.  
34.)What sign are you.? 
35.)What color is your cell phone.? 
36.)Where do you wish you were right now.? 
        Some place warm. 
37.)Do you rent or own.?
38.)What do you wish on your birthday.?
        Love,and happiness. 
39.)Do you eat breakfast.?
        No not usually. i may have breakfast for dinner or lunch time sometimes though. 
40.)Do you buy a newspaper.? 
        Once in a while,i will. 

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