Tuesday, February 5, 2013

30 day challenge

    Well, Hi everyone. hope your Tuesday went well. My day off was pretty good. I have a migraine right now but i hope it will go away soon.

   We went to Berlin today for my free facial. So i had a first time free facial. I may have to get more or do mine own  now. lol.

    I got in to working this weekend for 6 hours. So that will add another 6 hrs to my 40 hr week. So totaling 46 hours. So should be a decent check. Well hoping anyway. Long week but worth it in the end. Hoping for Sunday off. So we will see. ?

   Thursday i am getting my haircut so i ll have to take a pic when i get it. I also died my hair blond again from a box so i like it. Thinking on staying a blond from now on. lol. i cutting my hair short to wear it use to be before. So i am hoping it gonna be good like the last time i did it. i haven't had a haircut in about a year so it's time for another.

  Well i am gonna link up with my 30 day challenge.

                             Describe  5 strengths that you have.

                         1.A great listener and my friends like to talk to me about what's on their mind and ask me for an opinion. 
                     2. I like to help people guess that's why i like what i do for a living. 
                       3.Organized. from books to movies i have everything in alphabetical order. soon i am hoping to have closet and house organized as well. 


Hope everyone has a great night time to get a few shut eyes. Gotta go back to work tomorrow. 9.5 hrs. hoping for a great day. Night every one. 

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