Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Question Friday::Fill in the blanks::Follow Friday Four:: 31 day blog challenge for March

       Hello everyone.! Wow March 1st,2013 all ready.? I can't believe that February is already over. Wow.
Well at least today i am not working late like i did last night. So i am glad about that. I didn't get much sleep so i am pretty tired today. I may take a nap before going out to work again.

     Well I am linking up with "My Little Life"with 5 Friday Questions. 
1.) What is the most productive thing you have done this week.?
           Well I said yes to another 42 hour work week this week. So i guess that's why i am a little tired. lol. 
            I also made some fish with some homemade potato salad. it was pretty good. 
            I watched a 3 year old for one of my friends this week. 
            Finally went grocery shopping. 
2.)Enjoying the winter or ready for spring.?
             Oh i am ready for spring definitely.
3. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Is your spouse the same as you?
            I guess both a little. 
4.) Would you rather go without music or  television  for 1 year. ? 
           MMM... I think i would rather go out with music for a year. There are my television shows that i couldn't live without. 
5.)  Have you ever been truly scared of someone.? 
            No, Not really i am just afraid of clowns. lol 

                                                 Next link up will be Fill in the blanks. 

1.)  Bert Kaempferts _ Never heard of. 

2.) Everything comes naturally,it comes _ Naturally baby. 

3.) So i am packing my bags for _ The Tennessee Highway. 

4.) Magic slim a younger contemporary from _  The Blues 

5.) Put the_ Blame on me. 

6.)That's when your boyfriend  _dips his doughnut  in my tea.

7.) And as for the weekend tonight i am looking forward to _  Watching family guy and american dad. Tomorrow my plans include _ Working, doing laundry, and spending time with my man.And Sunday i want to _ Relax after work is done and try to catch some sleep that i need to catch up on. 

                                                Next up is  Follow Friday Four.

1.) Sometimes _ I wounder If i am _ ready to take on more life.

2.) When I wear _  Dresses I feel _ more not me. 

3.) When in doubt _ Get a second opinion. 

4.) The easiest way to _clean house is too _ Do one thing at a time. 

    Next link up is 31 daily challenge for March link up. 

                   Day one: A self portrait and 5 random things about yourself. 

1.) I love to take photos. 
2.) I want to go back to school to get my science forensic degree. 
3.) I am going to be married on 7/12/2014
4.) I live in a small town 
5.) I dye my hair. 


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