Monday, March 11, 2013

Friend Making Monday:: Monday Quiz about me

      Hi everyone. Well i am not yet used to this time change yet. Time just flew right on by this morning. I don't know where it went to. Sleep also went and came like i was just in bed and now it's morning. I hope i get used to it by the end of the week.I think i will though. lol.

     Well, my switched at birth show is ending tonight. The season premier is tonight at 8p. i can't watch it at the time so i guess ill catch up on it on you tube sometime.

     Also a new the voice season will be starting soon.I don't know if i will watch it. I think i will watch one night and see how it goes. it won't be the same with out Christina Arugula.So i guess i will just have to wait and see.

    Well I am linking up with Monday Quiz about me so i hope you guys enjoy the Monday quiz about me:

                                                             Acting Balanced

1.) When would you consider on planting flowers or vegetables  at your residents.? 
               Well i wouldn't be able to plant anything at my apartment complex but if i had a house i would wait to plant anything after memorial day.
2.) What is more egregious cheating on one spouse or spending the family into being bankrupt.?
               I would say the cheating on the spouse would be the more egregious. 
3.) In honor of Pi day this week what is your favorite kind of pie.? 
              Peanut butter pie. 
4.) What would you  give Wayne @ Touristic for his birthday today?  
              I don't know. i guess some nice cologne. ? 
5.) What is your dream job.? 
                 Mine is being a photographer and a science forensic 


  Next link up will be friend making monday. 


1.) What did you eat for dinner last night.?
               I had chicken,potatoes,and french vanilla cake. 
2.) If you could make one food calorie free for next year what would you choose.?
              I would make cupcakes or brownies calorie free if i could. 
3.) How often do you go to the grocery store.?
              I try to stock up when i can i usually don't have to go at least once a month. maybe twice if i am lucky. thank goodness for coupons. 
4.) Do you make a list before going grocery shopping.?
              Yes i do but sometimes i don't go by it. 
5.) List three things that can always be found in your kitchen.?
               Olive oil, Potatoes, Bacon,and eggs. 
6.) How often do you clean out your fridge.?
               once a month
7.) Do you ever use a slow cooker.? If so will you share your recipe.?
                No not anymore. I used to tho. 
8.) How often do you try new recipes.?
               Once a month maybe more if i am in the mood for something different. 
9.) What is the most delicious meal that you make.?
                 According to my boyfriend i make the best cheeseburger bacon meatloaf, homemade macaroni and cheese, also everything else i make he likes. lol. 
10.) Share at least on thing that is currently in your kitchen even though you do not like it.?
                My boyfriend likes Sunkist Orange soda. I don't so i get something else to put in the fridge. 


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