Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow tonight:: Drama with an old friend::Chats on the farm house porch:: 31 daily challenge

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Will I Play Fetch funny picture

         Hello everyone. Well Today has been going well. Well  i had was some drama today. Which i don't like. I asked an old friend of mine is she would be one of my bridesmaids in my wedding. Of course she went into great detail about why she said no. She said i was CONTROLLING!  I am never controlling. as for some people say I am a nice quiet shy well mannered person and is lucky to have me for a friend. My boyfriend couldn't believe that she said that.He was actually going to tell her off today but i asked him not to do it. So he was being polite about it.  It was pretty funny that he was going to stand up for me and give her a piece of his mind.

       So either then that i had a great day. Did some cleaning and laundry so i got that all done. Which was good.
      It's now raining here in Federicktown, Ohio no snow yet but it could start. It's 38 degrees here so who knows when it will start snowing.? low of tonight 29. I am truly hoping that we don't get that much snow of that 6-9 in. whew. that's a lot. !!!!!

    Well it's Tuesday so i am gonna link up with a new link up i found over at Havfaith Sunshine and host of Chats on the farm house porch.
Everyday Ruralty

1.) Who has the most outgoing personality in your family.? 
                    mmm. I would have to say my oldest brother does. 
2.) How did you name your blog.? 
                     Well at first my blogs name was A new beginning to something new now it's called A Happy Bride To Be.  I choose the title because i am getting married next year in July and so I figured that i would change my blog to a happy bride to be. 
3.) What's your favorite topping for ice cream.? 
                    My favorite topping would be hot caramel fudge with nuts on top of vanilla ice cream. But i have to take a pill so i wont end up getting sick after eating it. But i can't live without ice cream. 
4.) Tell me about someone that you know who would make a wonderful character for a book. oops- please. 
                   Well i know a lot of people that would be a great character for a book. At least half the people i know would be great so one person would be to hard to choose. 
5.) Please tell me about 3 questions that you think i should ask on a future farmhouse chats. 
                  - Who is your favorite person in the world.? 
                 - What is your favorite dinner dish to make.? 
                  - What is your favorite television show.?    

            Time for March daily challenge day 5 link up.

                        Day 5:Favorite movies you would never get sick of watching.

                                              -Never been kissed 
                                              - Dirty Dancing
                                              - Grease 
                                              - Twilight 
                                              - 21 jump street 
                                              - Hotel Transylvania

          there is more  but i wont list them all. lol 

 Well now i am going to leave you guys with some odds and ends. So i hope you enjoy.! :) Hope you all have a great evening.

                                   I would like to see this some day. 

                                 Sorry Kids funny picture
                                                          So cute. 
Will I Play Fetch funny picture

Boy someone sure has a  lot of time on there hands. 

funny pictures

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