Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday 9::seven layered meme

        Hey everyone. What a beautiful day outside it is today. It's actually suppose to be a decent day today in the upper 40's. Ya.
       So today is the day when parents meet parents. I am hoping things are going to go well. I believe it will. I have faith that it will. :)

      I also have my first fitting today at 2pm. So i am looking forward to trying my dress back on. I miss it already. lol. Looking forward on getting more pic.

    Well it is Saturday and i am going to link up with Saturday 9

1.) Have you ever been to to the Atlanta.? 
                Yes, I have been to Atlanta. Didn't stop but went threw it. 
2.) Do you like travailing by train.? 
               I don't know. I never traveled anywhere by train but i have rode in a train. They are nice but they can be bumpy I would love to travel in a train someday though. 
3.) "Midnight train to Georgia" is Sam Winter's signature number at the karaoke bar What's your go to song when you are at the mic. 
               Anything Taylor Swift and Man i Feel Like a Women..
4.) Do you drink tea.? 
              No, Don't like it. 
5.) What's the most recent you purchased at at your home.? 
             A new TV.
6.) Are there dishes in your sink right now.?
             Yes which i am going to wash here after i am done blogging. 
7.) Have you ever been fingerprinted.? 
            Yes, I forget when i think it was kindergarten  or first grade were they had a police officer and had are fingerprinted. 
8.) What was the last check that you wrote.? 
          Last check i wrote.whew i don't remember. i haven't had a checking account in awhile. i only do mail orders. 
9.) What color are your eyes.? 
         My eyes are brown. 

I was going threw some blogs and thought this good be fun. It is called the seven layered meme.
 Layer 1: Tell us your......
       *Name: Stacey
       *Birthday (month,day): June 23
       *Birthplace: Ashland,Ohio 
       *Current location: Knox county 
       *Eye color: Brown
       *Hair color: Brown
       *Height: 5'2
       *Righty or lefty: Righty 
       *Zodiac sign: Cancer

Layer 2:What's.......

       *Your heritage: I am Swedish,a little Indian, and i don't know what all else. 
       *Your shoes you wore today: Tennis shoes
       *Your weakness: Chocolate
       *Your fears: Heights,spiders,and clowns
       *Your perfect pizza: Supreme 
       *Goals you like to achieve: Get married,go back to scPhool
       *Your first waking thoughts:Nothing
       *Your best physical feature: Smile
       *Your most missed memory:Spending time with grandpa. 

Layer 3: Do you........
     *Smoke: no
       *Cuss:Sometimes by accident 
       *Sing:Yes when there is music on. 
       *Do you think that you have been in love?: Yes i am now. 
       *Did you go to college.? I went to a 6 month pharmacy tech class that was considered college. 
       *Liked high school:It was ok.
       *Want to get/stay married?: Want to.
       *Believe in yourself: Yes
       *Think your attractive: Sometimes 
       *Think you are a health freak:No
       *Get along with your parents:Yes
       *Like thunderstorms:Yes i sleep better with them. 
       *Play an interment: Piano 

Layer 4: in the past moth have you........

        *Drank alchol: Yes
        *smoked: No
        *Done a drug:No
        *Made out: Yes with my boyfriend
        *Went out on a date: Yes
        *Gone to the mall:Yes
        *Eaten an entire box of Oreos :No 
        *Eaten sushi: No
        *Been on stage: Yes 6th grade i was in a play.
        *Been dumped: No
        *Gone skating: No
        *Gone skinny dipping.: No 
        *Stolen anything: No 
Layer 5: Have you ever.......

         *Played a game that you required removal of something.: No
         *Been trashed or or extremely intoxicatied: No 
         *Been caught doing something.:Yes
         *Been called a tease:Yes
         *Gotten beat up: No
         *Shoplifted: Never

Layer 6: 

        *Age you did get/hope to be married: Hope to be married next year. Ill be 26.
        *Numbers of names of children (either you have or you want): I would like 2 girls and 2 boys names i have picked out are girls: Kendall and Katelyn.Boys: Alexander James and  Aaron 
        *Describe your dream mate: Someone who appreciates for who i am and loves me for me. 
        *How do you want to die:I don't know i guess what i love doing. 
        *What did you want to be when you grew up: A nurse
        *What country would you most like to visit.: Ireland

Layer 7: Now tell 

          *Name a drug you have taken illegally: None 
          *Name a person that you could trust with my life. My mother 
          *Name a favorite cd that you own: Taylor Swift CDs. 
          *Number of piercings: 2 ears  
          *Number of tattoos: None. But would like to get one someday
          *Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Don't know.Not sure. 
          *Name a past experience that you have regret: letting go of a great friendship with someone. 



  1. Love the baby names you have scoped out. They are very lyrical. And yes, I think the pharmacy tech school most certainly should count as college! I would hope pharmacy techs are well educated.

  2. I'm not much of a tea lover either.