Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monday quiz about me::Friend making Monday:;31 daily Challenge day 3&4

       I am off tomorrow  after working a 9 day straight stretch  work week. A day of relaxing and cleaning house in on my list tomorrow.

    Well I am watching my Valentine's Day present Hotel Transylvania. It's a funny movie. I've seen it in theater and then he went out and bought it for me. It is funny even if it is a cartoon i still like it.

   So I am going to link up with Monday Quiz about me.
                                   Acting Balanced

1.) Which are you better at Reading, Writing, or Math.?
         I am better at at Reading. But i don't have time to read anymore so i guess i am better with writing now. 
2.) Tell us a good comeback story.Where you down but were able to reverse fortunes and able to come back on top.
        Well I went to school in 2006 for my state tested nurses's aide I quit my job to go to school for a few weeks.I didn't know what or when i would get a job. But after graduation and a few weeks after i got my license i was thankful that i got a job the following day i turned in a application. :) 
3.) Which would you rather do dine or eat.?
          Both. i like to dine but i also would rather cook though so i know what i am putting in my food. 
4.) What is the one thing that someone close to you does that just annoys the heck out of you.?
        Let's see When boyfriend doesn't close the doors to the kitchen cabinets or the medicine cabinets in the house. 
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5.)  If you could trade places with a celebrity  for one day who would you choose.?  
      I would trade places with Emily Deszhnel. She is one of my favorite actresses and would like to just be her for one day. 

  Next up is Friend Making Monday! 
1.) What do you love most about spring.?
             I love the flowers blooming and the nice warm weather. 
2.) If you are lucky enough to have a spring break what would you do to enjoy it.?
            Well i work so i really don't get one but one o these weekends during the spring my friend and i are going to spend the night down in Amish Country to get away from stress and are busy life for a few days. So i am looking forward to it even though it's only the weekend. :) 
3) What is your favorite flower.?
           Wow. Why do i have to choose.? I like them all. But i guess Daisy's are my favorite flowers. 
4.) Do you have a garden.? If so what do you grow.?
             No, I wished i did though. 
5.) Share one thing that you hope to accomplish during the spring.? 
            Clean out the house and get it organized. 
6.) Do you do spring cleaning.?
             Yes i do. 
7.) What is your weather 'really" like right now.( Just because it is almost spring doesn't mean that that it feels like it for some of you.?
          Right now it's 28 degrees and is expecting 6 to 9 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow. 
8.) Share one photo that you have taking during during the month of March.
                             Me and my fiancee at the Ohio State Hockey Game

9.)What's your favorite thing to do on a sunny day.?
            Go for a walk and enjoy the nice day. 
10.) If you could spend the day doing anything in your city what would you do.?
             Well In my city there really isen't much to do but i would go to Cleveland Ohio and spend a whole day in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame and the Botanic Gardens,I live in a small town so not much here. 

     Next up is  31 daily Challenge day 3 and 4

Day 3: What Makes you happy.? 
             My Boyfriend
                         Watching a great movie
                             Taking care of my client's

Day 4: Best Childhood memory.  
           Going to Canada and going to see the Niagara Falls with family. 

    Well i hope you all have a great night. Time to hit the hay. Night everyone.! :)


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