Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday 9::31 daily challange

      Hello everyone. Well, it's the weekend. I  have to work this weekend. But What else is new. Right.? Well this morning we got some snow. On March 2nd i woke up to snow on the roads that they haven't been plowed or salted yet. But when i got done with my client they were cleaned off and salted. Guess they didn't want to get up to early. lol.

    Well I want to make a shout out to my niece Rachael. Happy Birthday girl hope it's a grand one.! :)

                                     So it's Saturday so i am going to link up with Saturday 9

1.) The best known Brady Bunch song is, of course the show's theme. Do you know the lyrics.? 
                Actually Yes i do. I used to watch that show all the time. So i know that theme really well. 

2.) The Brady's were a blended family.Do you have any Stepparents, stepchildren,or stepsibs.? 
                 Yes i have a step father, step mother, 2 step sisters, 1 step brother, a half brother, and 1 brother from my mom.

3.) Samantha admits that, when she was 12, she taped Greg Brady's photo over her bed. Before you judge her too harshly, come clean yourself. Did you have a major pre-teen crush? Who was it?
                   Yes i did.Every girl had a crush right.? My pre teen crush was Johnathan Taylor Thomas. He was a cutie. :) lol 

4.) Which TV character did you wish lived next door.? 
           i wish Special Agent Anothnoy DiNozze  played by Micheal Weatherly living next door to me. 

5.) It's a sunshine day.Describe your sunglasses.
           Well, since i wear glasses i have transaction lenses in my glasses that turn when the sun is out to sunglasses. 

6.) You're on a 90 minute flight.How will you spend you're spend the time.? Do you read a book?A magazine? Look out the window.? Take a nap? 
             I would probably take nap so i would try to forget that i am up so high. 

7.) Do you have a favorite toothpaste.?
                  Cinnamon Crest. 
8.) How many keys are on your key-chain? 
                     There are 4.
9.) What do you miss about summer.? 
                The warmness. 

   Next up is March 31 challenge.

                                      Day 2:              My favorite quotes.

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  1. Tony would be a great neighbor! I wish I'd thought of him. Imagine how cool it would be to watch Netflix with him. And I didn't know Crest had a cinnamon flavor. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be looking for it. (Love cinnamon!)