Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Social

          Hey y'all. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! I have to work third again tonight so this is going to be quick and nice. I worked 8p-8a last night and haven't went to bed yet. So i am headed to bed here soon before going back into work again tonight. I am looking forward on my days coming off.

          Monday I can't wait to hang out with my girl Kayla. Staying over night and having some much needed girl time. I do have to get some sleep before going over though. So i am looking forward to having fun. I think she mention that we might be having a bond fire and just siting outside enjoying the weather  Which is fine with me. I will also be stopping by the cemetery to put flower's on my grandpa's grave. I can't believe it's will be 3 year's on memorial day that he has been gone. Time has sure gone fast.

     So it's Sunday and i am going to link up with Sunday Social over at Ashley Lately:

Sunday Social     

1. )  4 favorite things to do on a weekend.? 
               1.) Sleep in
                2.) Watch tv
               3.) Go shopping
               4.) Hang out with the girls
2.) 4 favorite things you like about your best friend ?  
         That's a hard one all my friends are my best friends that are going to be in my wedding but the one that i have been hanging out more would be heather and her husband but they are all equal so the five things that i like all 5 girls are.: 
             1.) considerate
             2.) loyal
             3.) honest
             4.) friendly
             5.) compassionate

3.)   4 things that you would do with $100,000.00
             1.) Buy a little house
             2.) Give some to charity
             3.) Give some to are church
            4.) Buy a car

4.)   4 favorite books that you've ever read.? 
            1.) twilight series- all
            2.) Beverly Lewis books-all 
            3.) Wanda E.Brunstetter  books -all
            4.) Nichols sparks books -all 

5.) 4 favorite snack foods.? 
            1.) Popcorn
            2.) Pretzels 
            3.) Chocolate
            4.) Cupcakes 

6.) 4 things that you must do daily. 
         1.) Brush teeth
         2.) Take a shower
         3.) Wash dishes
        4.) Cook food 

 Hope everyone has a great Sunday evening. :) 

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