Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching up with Monday quiz about me.

 I know i know this is late but i am catching up on my link ups today. I am sorry everyone. Life has been a little messed up and crazy lately.

                                                               Monday quiz about me.

Acting Balanced

 1. May is National Asparagus Month - do you like it?  Haves a favorite recipe?
            Sorry nope i hate Asparagus never liked it. 
2. May is also National Salad month... what's your favorite salad?
            I love salad. I could eat it all the time. My favorite is an apple chicken salad. It's so good.I also like shrimp salad and ceasor salad. 
3. Laundry Question: Fabric Softener yea or nay?  How do you keep your clothes soft and static free?
             Yea but it has to be the powder softer. i am allergic to the liquid softer. 
4. Do you speak more than one language?  What language would you love to learn?
         I only speak English  A few Spanish words. I tried learning Italian it was hard but i still wanna learn it,plus i wanna learn German, and polish. 

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