Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monday quiz about me ::: Taking job.

         Hey everyone. Sorry I've been neglecting to post about everyday. Ever since third shift my sleep has been completely off track. And i have been busy putting pieces together in my life lately  Things have been rocky with my relationship i honestly don't know if things will look better when the times comes for me to take the new position. Yes everyone. I am taking the job opportunity for assistant manager. I start end of June early July. I've been looking at apartments in Columbus area. More towards Hillard and Dublin area. Nice area and possibly moving too area. I am going down Friday to put applications in for the apartments. I have a friend that lives down there and and is going to help me get to know the area more. So that will be good.Also Friday i get to see where the office is going to be located and get to meet the people and just see what's going on. So it's going to be a busy day Friday but i am looking forward to it.

     So i am missed the Monday quiz about me for Monday so here it is today. Monday Quiz About Me:    5/14/2013
                                    Acting Balanced

1.) What did you do for Mother's day.?
           I went Friday to give my mom her Mother's day gift. I got her flower's a new night gown,and some body wash. I had to work the weekend so i couldn't spend the day with my mom. But i did wish her a happy mother's day and visited with her on Friday. 

2.) What was the best advice your mother (or a mother figure) gave you?
          Follow and listen to your heart. 

3.)Are you gardening this year?  What have you/will you plant
           Probably not. I may put out a hanging basket on the deck tho. not sure yet. 

4.) What is the first song that comes to mind today?
          Tomorrow Tomorrow I Love Ya's Tomorrow is only a day away...........    lol 

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