Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chat's on the farmhouse porch

                                       Chat's on the farmhouse porch:

                                      Everyday Ruralty

 1.) Are you a heavy sleep, light sleeper, or somewhere in between?
                 As i have been told i am a light sleeper but sometimes if i have been up for 48 hours i am a heavy sleeper and i talk in my sleep. lol. 
2.) Are you currently reading anything interesting?
                 Nope but as soon as i get settled in to my new place i am picking up a book again. 
3.) Do you like to enter contests?
               Nope because i think they are a waste of time. 
4.) Are you good about taking time to do things you enjoy?
             Not often but since iv'e been with Donald i have enjoyed doing things that i enjoyed.
5.) What's your favorite food to cook on the grill, or enjoy at a BBQ?
         I like to cook chicken and corn on the cob.


  1. Chicken is really good on the grill. There are so many ways to fix it.I hope you get settled into the new place and can get into an enjoyable book.

  2. Oh my goodness, up for 48 hours would make all of us a heavy sleeper...I hope you get settled soon, maybe a BBQ will make it feel more like home. Have a blessed week :O)

  3. Always take a little time for yourself - it helps in so many ways

  4. Thanks Everyone. I Appreciate All Your Comments. Every Since I Start Working Third My Sleep Has Been Off. Lol. Like Today I Wont Get Any Sleep Till After Work Tomorrow. It's Crazy. I Am Looking Forward To Starting My New Job With Regular Hours. So I Am So Excited To Start That Journey In My New Life.

    Yep And I Will Be Having A BBQOf Course. I Am Making Donald Cook On The Grill.He Is Better At Then I Am.Lol.

    I Hope Everyone Has A Blessed Weekend And A Wonderful Holiday.

    God Bless And Thanks For Stopping By.